Max range between iPhone 4s and Philips SHb6110 headphone - How far is the bluetooth connectivity test

my friend wearing the Philips shb6110 bluetooth headphone (black box)

My two friends and I went to Jog and play Frisbee at Amoranto Sports Complex here at Quezon City earlier this morning. I'm using my Philips SHB6110 bluetooth headphone to listen to music while we run, and to ask for Siri's help like sending a message to my mom asking what will be our breakfast when we got back home.

We are heading back home when one of my friend asks "Where is that music coming from? " , and I realize I wasn't wearing the headphone, left the music playing, and it is just tied on my friends bag. Then a question came to me, on our office i'm getting less than the bluetooth headphone's 10m/33feet documented range (even shorter in between walls).
Connectivity • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, handsfree, headset
• Bluetooth version: 2.0+EDR
• Maximum range: up to 33 feet / 10m
So we decided to test the actual working range between an iPhone 4s and Philips SHB6110 bluetooth headphone on an open area.

Here is the result

If you can see from the 1st picture above, i was really far far away from my friends. I cant hear them anymore, unless they shout so they just give a hand sign that they're still hearing the music (im holding the iPhone 4s by the way. My first stop was at the corner of Scout Chuatoco and S AA , it was far already based on my experience inside an office, it got even more interesting when they kept pushing me farther and farther until my last position indicated on the map above. As you can see, it is way more than the documented 33ft/10m maximum range.

After about 30 feet, the music stutters when I'm moving/walking and becomes clearer when i stop and stand still. 

Cool :) I wonder how far it will be with my favorite Nokia N8 ?
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