Commando - contra-like game for iOS

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If you love contra, you'll semi-love this clone game for ios named Commando.

They have the same games design, even the same ammo type upgrade that flying football-with-wings drops when you hit em.

I just dont like the graphics of this game. I prefer the 16-bit colors from the original

Head on to appstore to download

How to fix iOS 6 problem on wifi always asking for password

I'm one of those people that is encountering a problem with the wifi connection not being saved on the settings, thus always asks for password everytime you connect. Aside from always entering password, when you also open the wifi connection properties , you will notice that the "forget this network" button is missing. This is another proof that you got the error too.

This usually happens if you restore a previous back up after the iOS 6 update and the network settings are not properly restored.

If ever you have encountered this problem, here's two way to fix it:

1. Simply change the ssid of the router to a new name that is different from the current one

2. Change the wifi password (but rarely works) , just do number 1 :p


iPhone 4s update to iOS 6

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I'm planning on updating to iOS 6 over-the-air . Lets see how it will go. Although i'm kinda anxious doing it today with millions, if not thousands, are also online downloading the update. Times like this usually ends up with bad downloads or corrupted updates and more that could make my update process craptacular.

I'll update you people.

Woke up after 3 hrs with message like this :
"an error has occurred while downloading the update"

Ill try again :)

IPhone 4s battery state after 9 months of use

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My phone's battery hardly last half a day after 9 months of use. I have to charge the phone atleast twice a day*.

These are the list of things i do on my phone on a daily basis:
- 8am , wake up with about 20% battery, use Flipboard to read news
- 8:30 , charge the phone while taking a bath
- 9am , leave home with around 30-40% battery, listen to music with my bluetooth headphone (and continue using flipboard while at MRT) till i arrive at office before 10am
- 10am , leave the phone on my desk with about 15-19% of battery, charging it till we go out of office for lunch
- 11:30am , take the phone at around 60%, leave office for lunch, CSR racing while waiting for elevator then FB/Twitter/Instagram/Flipboard while on the way to our lunch place
- 12:30pm, back at the office with about 35-45% of battery , occasional fb and twitter till around 5pm (i bring the phone out for merienda but i dont usually use it)

Smart Unli Social Plan 349 , unlimited text , facebook and twitter for 349 per month

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This plan gives the subscriber unlimited Facebook, Facebook Chat , Twitter (and more) for only P349 per month, PLUS a free phone!

Of course there is a catch, you can only have the free access if you access the social streams via the SmartNet* app.

The free phones are Samsung Galaxy Pocket and Netphone 501

Samsung Galaxy Pocket

2.8” QCGA LCD Display
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
2MP Camera
3GB user memory microSD
Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, an accelerometer, digital compass

Netphone 501
TFT resistive touchscreen, 3.0 inch display
2MP Camera
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR, microUSB v2.0
microSD 2 GB

*Facebook, YM, and Twitter will be unlimited if used through the app, SmartNet. For mobile internet, you get charged P10 for 30 minutes in a mobile browser. Facebook or Twitter apps will be charged P10 for 30 minutes.

From Smart

Globe Surf Bundles , Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Youtube for only 20 pesos per day



Unlimited Facebook ,Twitter & Multiply for only P20 pesos
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Unlimited Facebook, Yahoo Mail and Gmail for only P20 pesos
text Fun20 to 8888

Unlimited Facebook and Youtube for only P20 pesos
text Fun20 to 8888

This is a promo and valid only until Dec. 31, 2012.

From Globe