iPhone 4 & 4s polycarbonate waterproof case - Review

Actual unit I received from cash cash pinoy

  • Specifically designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Case and membrane is made from Polycarbonate and 100% clear Silicone respectively
  • Waterproof case with volume control can take pictures and videos underwater up to 6 meters 
  • FREE DELIVERY within Metro Manila areas
  • Upgrade Nationwide Delivery for a more convenient shopping experience
  • Colors available : Blue, White, Black
I ordered the black one. Just in time for summer outings. Will be replacing my old one
My old waterproof case, hassle to use
the new one, with iPhone 4s inside

The test

I was able to test the waterproof case during our team outing at Pansol Laguna. I tested if its air tight sealed by first using papers crumpled inside the case. I dipped the case on the pool and saw some bubble coming out of it. I thought it was leaking but the bubbles stopped after few seconds. I checked the paper inside if it got wet, good thing it didn't. I tested it again but this time using my iPhone 4s and it works great.

The back side is using a clear hard plastic while the front side is using a semi transparent rubber like material, to allow pressing of the home button.

Here are the sample pics taken using the iPhone 4s using the case:
an image of the tiles on a poorly lit swimming pool, focused - click to enlarge

an image taken using the back camera on a room with lights - click to enlarge

an image of the pool underwater,  not focused - click to enlarge
an image taken using the front camera of iPhone 4s from inside the case - click to enlarge

I will be updating this post every time I use it on different lighting conditions.

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