Wakajaka - spaceship building app for kids

Wakajaka is an interactive game studio for toddlers, preschoolers and people in general who deserves a break from the grown-up world. Our mission is to create games that nurture creativity and imagination, supported by simple and easy to pick-up game play, where the unexpected is a pleasant surprise, rather than scary monsters.
  • Simple and intuitive spaceship creation and flight - even the youngest qualify as fully fledged space cadets!
  • Graphics and environments which does not imply any rules or stress - let your imagination feed on the unexpected!
  • No advertising or in-app purchases - we keep it clean!
Press Release below


Conquering space has always been a dream and aspiration from preschoolers to presidents. For people who never had the astronomical budget to make it happen, Waka Space offers a unique and economical way to realize your dream. Use anything from household appliances to stuff from the junkyard to create your rocket of choice. Once launched into space, the experience that awaits is something traditional astronauts could only dream of. Planets that turn into flowers, trains and the occasional jellyfish. Despite rumors spread by film-makers and scientists, space is extremely safe – actually we made it safer than any other place on earth. Follow either download-link to sample Waka Space on Windows or Mac.

Greetings from space,

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