CarCrazee - an instagram for car enthusiast

This app is supposed to be an instagram for car lovers. Actually it is more than just a photo sharing application, it is also intended to be a mobile social network where people can share photos, their upgrades and more.

Here's the review. Frankly, I dont see its place considering we already have instagram and other photo sharing sites. I downloaded the app and I cant imagine any use case for me, for now. If you want to connect to other car lovers, there are facebook groups or Car Club forums. I'm a car lover. Maybe I'm not that lover enough to understand what is the app for. Its slow, and do not respond most of the time. But hey, it's still in its early version and performance could improve after an update.

Hardcore car enthusiast, try this app for me. Tell me what I might have been overlooking on this homegrown application (drop it on the comments below)

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