Nokia Lumia 1020 actual night photos

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Nokia Lumia 1020 is undeniably good at low light photography as compared to other smartphones currently on the market. I'd like to compare it with Nokia Lumia 920 or 925 but sadly I don't know anyone yet who have them. Here are some photos taken by me at night time. There might be some loss in details because I'm only using blogger or facebook to host the photos.

No tripod
 I took this photo while on red light. Night mode

Same location, I took a shot of my bright iPhone 4s. Manual focus with auto everything

Buddha Bar - Night mode (No flash)
Long exposure

Greenfield District open park

I'll add photos as i get more.

Unboxing photos of Nokia Lumia 1020 + Camera Grip Philippines

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Look what I got :)

Read on to see the contents of the box.

So it comes with a quite large sliding box. And guess why the container is huge compared to most smartphone packages - a bundles camera grip :P

The camera grip comes with a Nokia lanyard, the Camera Grip itself and a set of instruction manual

Globe speed test from Quezon City

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I suddenly had the urge to do a speed test just to know how my data connection is doing right now. Just to give you an idea about the test,I'm using an iPhone 4s subscribe to iPhone plan 1799 and is currently located at Quezon City.

Look at the inage below, my 3g connection today is around 1.97mb. Fair enough... But believe me I used to be getting up to 5mbps. Dont know what happened. Compatrd to my BayanDSL connection (wired) which has max 1mbps, my 3g is a lot faster. Dont bother with edge, 6.9kbps?! Imagine the speed of gprs connection if Edge is just getting a 6.9kBps. Goodluck!!

How about you? How is your connection?

Nokia Lumia 1020 price down to P24,080 from P26,000 , still with Camera Grip

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I've been watching the price of Nokia Lumia 1020 for quite sometime now here in Philippine market. So far, Kim Store offeres the lowest price and best value for money with the inclusion of Camera Grip. I've been scouring site like Lazada, Ebay, Tipidcp, Sulit but all sells at 30k'ish range.

I want money T_T

From Kim Store