Globe Telecoms merging with Bayan ?

Look like Globe is up to something. We receive a letter from Bayan (aka Bayantel) with a message "Dito sa ating bayan, may dumating na kaibigan ..." with the arrow pointing to Globe.

There is a list of links that can be found at the back of the post card :

Globe and Bayan Partnership FAQS 

1. What is the amended rehab plan of Globe and Bayan? 
The Amended Rehab Plan jointly filed by Globe and Bayan is designed to strengthen Bayan's financial position and turns Globe from being Bayan's largest creditor to a shareholder.

2. Are Bayan and Globe merging? 
The focus for Globe and Bayan now is to further improve its services through planned synergies, building from each company's strengths.

3. How does this development affect me as a Globe or Bayan subscriber? 
We assure you that this partnership will not affect your services. In fact, we hope that this will deliver an improved customer experience for Globe and Bayan customers.

4. What can I expect as a Globe or Bayan subscriber? 
Soon, you will experience added benefits of Globe and Bayan's collaboration. You can expect more competitive products and services in the near future.

5. What will happen to my current Tattoo plan? 
Your current plan will remain the same.

6. Will my voice usage rates change? 
The current rates will remain the same.

I'm a subscriber of both Bayan (DSL and landline) and Globe (postpaid plan), lets see what will happen in the future. This is going to be exciting!

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