iPhone 5s on Globe SuperPlan plan 1799 and why not iPhone 5c

Previously, I've posted an article about why I'm still using my old iPhone 4s as my main phone instead of my Lumia 1020 . 3 days after, I brought my Nokia Lumia 1020 on Nokia care at Ali-mall, Cubao to have it checked about the battery drain problem.
3. Battery life. Im not sure if i got a lemon unit but im only getting around 4-5hts continous heavy usage of phone with 3g/lte on always. Too short!
Still haven't got the phone nor any feedback on the progress even after more than a week. So, I got myself an iPhone 5s from Globe :)

Took the photo using Nokia Lumia 720
It's a Gold iPhone 5s with 16gb on internal storage.Got it for P9,600 cashout + P1,799 monthly payment. I didn't pay any cash during the time I got the phone. I enrolled it on a 24 months 0% installment from my credit card thru Globe. So, no cash out but ill be paying P2,199 monthly.

My original plan was after my contract with my iPhone 4s is to downgrade my Plan 1799 to Plan 999 since i will not be buying a phone from Globe anymore.
I'll be using my Lumia 1020 as my phone but because of my personal preferences, I decided to go back to my iPhone 4s, but my 4s is already 2 years old, no LTE, not enough battery life for me ( I always have my data on) , and .. I can't think of any more excuse :) ha! :))

Anyways, iPhone 5c is P4,800 on Plan 1799, but for a price difference of P200 monthly, I'm paying for iPhone 5s' better :
- Look - looks more exclusive, specially the Gold and the Space Gray
- Dimension - thinner, shorter, narrower and of course lighter. Its easier to carry.
- Performance - 5s got A7 64bit with m7 motion co processor and quad core graphics card compared to 5c's A6 chip and triple core graphics. 5s is much more future proof.
- Camera - takes more beautiful photos and videos because of better optics. And because of its faster processor, it can capture simple slo-mo videos. Not essential but a nice feature.

200 pesos difference for all of the above? totally worth it! :)

And I forgot the fingerprint sensor. But i dont care about it. So lets forget about it again :P

Note : Since my original plan is Plan 999 only without phone , instead of just only P999 per month, I will now be paying P2199 per month. BUT, i've got a special arrangement, so I'll be only spending more or less P999-P1100 per month (thats same as my original plan!). Very very good deal right?! How did I manage to do that? Hint - I dont have my iPhone 4s anymore.

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