The problem with Globe's Fair Usage Policy on mobile internet

Bandwidth cap
Globe telecoms is becoming strict on implementing their bandwidth cap on all services using mobile internet. Here is a link to Globe's Fair usage policy details
FUP existed years ago, its just becoming visible now because some few issues with the implementation so read on understand.
"This means customers on an internet promo and plan who exceed 1 GB a day or 3 GB per month (whichever comes first) will experience browsing at 2G speeds."
Problem is Globe 2g connection is almost equivalent to no internet connection at all. Even on 3g, because of high latency, simple website took several mins to load on some occassions. And with my more than 2 years experience as a Globe subscriber, 2g or Edge is as good as "might as well turn off the data". 
And how about Users on LTE? Why not just downgrade them to 3g?
"Our Fair Use Policy applies to all surfing promos and data plans for Globe postpaid and Tattoo Lifestyle Sticks, except PowerSurf. It also doesn't cover surfing charged with regular browsing rates (P5/15 minutes)."
So for those who trustes their sales agents and applied for a post paid plan for a "true" unlimited internet, we are sorry for you.
"Mobile surfing offers from Globe are generally meant for emailing, browsing and search activities. Customers who frequently use file-sharing software or download large files are usually the ones affected by our policy. Media streaming and downloading of torrents also contribute to the excessive use of bandwidth capacity."
To illustrate how unfair this cap is, look at my 2 weeks old phone's (iPhone 5s) data consumption
Yea, barely on my 3rd week and im almost on the monthly cap of 3gb. And for the record, the connection is not being used for torrent or file sharing or downloading of movies. Its just being used for web surfing, social apps like fb, instagram, twitter, watch streaming clips from youtube, listen to streaming music apps like 8tracks , sensing iMessages, and of course update apps. Specially if you are connected to LTE, youtube clips will automatically load the best quality format for your current connection - which will consume a large MB of your bandwidth.

With the era of high resolution photos, heavy websites, multimedia oriented social apps and messaging, and HD apps do you think 1gb/day or 3gb/month is enough? 

I'd appreciate if they just change the description of the plan to "3gb data on 3g, 2g therafter" than mislead people with "unlimited mobile data". 

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