7 reasons why I don't like using Facebook app for Windows Phone

Note: Windows Phone app used is the one made by Microsoft. As of this writing (2/4/2014) there is no official Facebook client made by Facebook yet for windows phone.

Facebook on Windows Phone takes longer time to load items
Loads and loads updates then boom "where having trouble getting data" whether you are connected to high quality wifi connection or 3g and LTE

5 maximum simultaneous upload of pictures
Limited to only being able to upload 5 pictures at the same time and then boom again, "where having trouble getting data"

Low resolution graphics
Just compare the resolution of images being used by the windows phone app to those of the android and iOS version.

No photo comments
Now allowed to attach pictures on comments

No uploading of photos on Facebook Pages
Even on the pages you own

Facebook app not loading completely
Blank as your excitement to open the app, you will have to close the app again and open it to check if it will open successfully the next try

Attention whore
You cant switch apps or you can't let the phone go to sleep while uploads are being done. She wants your full attention. Or else you will be repeating the upload process again

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