Why Globe or any other Telco's Data Cap is a CRAP

We want to protect the experience of 97% of our base against the 3% who take up more than their fair share of our network bandwidth.

Globe sent out a tweet with a infographic included explaining the "real deal of fair usage policy" (check it out below)
This is a good timing as i've recently posted why I think the data cap is unfair so this infographics somehow works as their reply with their question. Then one portion of the graph hit me :
What can i do with 2g? : Update facebook status, send tweets, send text emails
Have you not tried being just a normal (average) Globe subscriber and tell us if you can even do that on your network's 2g ? Why would i update status or send tweets when it will take me a minute to load the screen and another minute to send my post or tweet and then only to find out they're not sent ?

A small subset of heavy users are using most of the bandwidth causing congestion. But there is one big gaping hole in that theory. NETWORKS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!

And here is an explanation on why we all think its a crap.  A user nismo shared this video on comments on yugatech

If ISPs were really concerned about congestion, they should be selling less service to fewer people

Most network congestion is not cause by The amount of data used but the number of people, programs and devices using the network at the same time

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