Why the new Globe Gadget care is a scam, avoid additional P399 monthly fee

Globe's new policy is to automatically enroll new postpaid plan subscriptions to Gadget Care. It's a P399/month insurance subscription that is paid on top of the enrolled plan that covers theft and damage. The first month is free.

The problem with this policy

The problem with this policy is first, it is never mentioned during the plan application or enrollment. 2 years ago, this option is explicitly asked to subscribers if they want to avail during enrollment or application. When I recontracted my line this January 2014 , it was never mentioned by the agent processing my application. 

Is this another Globe Scam?

Fast forward to Feb. 12, 2014 I received a message stating that a Gadget Care subscription I have will now auto renew because the free month has passed. WTF! I called Globe hotline to clarify this as I dont remember any instance that I enrolled to such service. 
The agent I spoke to said that the new policy now is every contract now is enrolled to Gadget Care automatically. With the first month free, subsequent months will be charged to customer for P399/month. 
I have it deactivated. 

Had I ignored this message, I will never know that I was enrolled to an insurance program from Globe. And If I wasn't able to cancel such subscription, I will be required to pay P399 each month for a service I dont enrolled for and didn't even need. 

Question now, Is this another scam from Globe? Previously we had the issue of "unlimited" internet and now this auto-subscription with auto renew. Globe, what is wrong with you? 

How to cancel Gadget Care

You have check first which Gadget Care plan you are on. In my case, I'm on Plan 399. 
Then send GADGETCARE <plan> OFF and send to 8888


  1. For me, it's not a scam. The insurance have me covered when I lost my phone.

    1. For me it is because i was enrolled to the service that i dont want to get. And imagine 399 pesos for 24 months? When you can get the same coverage of insurance from other companies for less than 2000 pesos all in.

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