Globe is proposing for Bucket Data charging or tiering scheme

After the issue with the Fair Usage Policy, here is another hullabaloo from Globe. The 2nd largest telecom company in the country is proposing for a tiering scheme where in higher volume or bandwidth will require a more expensive payment.

Globe is proposing a tiering system where a maximum volume limit is set for unlimited services; a higher volume is set for a bigger sum; and no limit for a premium fee

How about our supposedly "UNLIMITED" data service?

“The NTC mandated Globe to submit copies of all its agreements with its subscribers on “unlimited data” so that the agency could thoroughly review the terms stipulated on fair use policy and Pre-Termination clauses to determine whether the subscribers were informed of the terms of their agreement,” Cordoba stated in the letter.

Based on complaints, Globe subscribers alleged they signed-up and are paying, or had paid, for “unlimited” data service but instead are getting “limited” data service.
I'll monitor the development of this proposal.

From ABS CBN news via Yugatech

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