Fixed : Can't login to iMessage and FaceTime on Mac OSX

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This was my case on the macbook I'm using for about a week. Been searching for ways on how to fix not being able to login to iMessage nor FaceTime on Mac. Saw a couple of thread that says "Fixed" or even "Resolved" with instructions like uninstall Adobe Flash as the update has conflict, or they even instructed me to do some tweaking on the settings. Yet none of them worked.

After days of thinking what could be wrong, I've realized that the problem is because my Time and Date settings is incorrect. Yep, that's just it.

The Fix
All you have to do is set your Mac's Time and Date settings to the correct one. After that, try logging in to your iMessage or FaceTime. 

Imagine, spent a lot of time tinkering the macbook pro and reading countless of websites promising a fix for the same Error Code that is being displayed only to find out a simple fix in Time and Date will be enough?

Epic Fail.

Unlimited Facebook for 3 days for only P20 FB20

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Enjoy unlimited access to Facebook for 3 days at only P20. Not sure though if this only works with and not on the Facebook app (like how FB10 and FB50 works before).

Just text
to 247

You can check FB10 and FB50 also in this link.

Promo is until June 3, 2014 only

How to capture picture using Nokia Lumia 1020 quickly

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One of the gripes I have in using Nokia Lumia 1020's camera is that it's too slow. I think the 41 mp sensor is to blame, or should I say, the processor and memory that handles the processing of the captured data from the millions of pixels. That is probably the downside of having very large sensors, you can take very detailed photographs but you wont be able to reach the snap snap snap performance the iPhone camera are known for.

The Solution

It's not always that you wanted to take breath taking photos with the expense of speed. There will be times that you don't care about how much detail you can get. All you need is a good enough (or great enough) photo that you can take, at-once/on-the-fly/with-the-hit-on-the-ball-sack (which ever you prefer).

Suprise surprise, just use the built it Camera app of Windows Phone. The same default camera application that comes with Nokia (and Non-Nokia windows phones). It's quick and reliable. The downside is that you are limited to capturing up to 8mp of photograph which mean you won't be able to maximize the gargantuan sensor of a Lumia 1020.
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