New Instagram editing tools and what they do to your pictures

Instagram add a bunch of new editing tools on top of its original filters in its recent update. User can now edit brightness, sharpness and even highlight the image among others.


Makes photo brighter or darker


Enhances the already bright or darker areas of the photos. Bright areas become even brighter while dark areas become even more darker.


Changes the the tone of the feature to a more orange (warm) or more blue (cool).


Adjust the intensity of individual colors. Decreasing saturation will make the colors dull.


Adds more focus on the brighter areas of the image


Opposite of highlights. Puts more focus on darker areas


Adds dark areas on the corners and edges of the image putting for focus on the center of it.


Makes the image more clear by lessening the blur

Head on to Hootsuite blog for more details. Images are taken from Hootsuite blog.

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