Project: Globe Mobile Internet Speed Test and Coverage Map by Area - Philippines

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I'm doing this new research, and I hope you people can help me. I'd like to have an information on Globe's mobile internet speed per area initially on Metro Manila, then hopefully the whole Philippines.

What you can do is to do a speed test on your Globe powered phones and provide the following information: (don't worry, your anonymity will remain)

  • Area (preferrably street name) 
  • Ping/Latency
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • type of connection (3g/edge/gprs/4g) but i prefer 3g for consistency
  • Remarks (are you inside a building or a car, also the phone you used)

I know there's more things to consider like the specifications of your mobile phone, the current internet traffice etc BUT for simplicity's sake, we shall ignore them and just look at PING, DL speed and UL speed since we are talking about real world scenarios here, and have multiple trials be averaged.

 Here is the spreadsheet I'm trying to fill out
Globe Mobile Internet Speed test per Area
I'm not a master of mobile networks and infrastructure  so if you believe i have missed out a very important thing to consider in this research, feel free to voice them out on the comments below.

Humor - Vangie : The Pinoy Siri [Siri Parody]

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The video was created and uploaded by MacapunoSystem. Got intrigued by several re-post from Facebook so I decided to watch. Its' very humorous and truly pinoy. Watch the video below to see what is it to have a genuine Filipino virtual assistant on your iPhone.

Here are some funny comments from the youtube page as well:

"Paghaluhaluin mo lang yan, PASOK NA SA BANGA"... HAHAHAHAHAHA ANSAVEH? "LIKE!"
VANGIE call my girlfriend..GIRLFRIEND? WeeeEhhh?! soo funny..laughtrip Lol
seriously if the there would be a "vangie" in place of siri i would buy the new iphone in a snap...hahaha
Probably not even real, but that makes me want an Iphone 4s
More videos below

Short demo of Siri on iPhone 4s

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I've recorded a very short demo to showcase  the capability of Siri on iPhone 4s

Some things I noticed about Siri:

  • Needs getting used to it. Siri have some problems understanding my english accent at first.
  • Sometimes, words or phrases are interpreted differently 
  • Siri is somehow intelligent or intelligent enough to have some short conversation with
  • Siri can't open apps for you

Share your experiences with Siri on the comments section below. Maybe I'd post a video of Siri's usefulness on real world scenarios soon.

And dont forget to thank Siri from time to time (just like what I accidentally did on this video LOL)  :P

Unboxing of Apple iPhone 4s - Globe retail package (postpaid)

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I just want to share to you guys some pictures of the iPhone 4s from being packed to its un-boxed state. I know there are already plenty of un-boxing posts on the internet but for the sake of un-boxing a Retail Package for Philippines, here you go (though honestly i don't think there's much difference with the packaging of the iPhone between countries).

by the way, this is from Globe on a postpaid plan. And to spoil the whole post, there's no free bumper case, or casing or key-chain or anything. just the plain phone and its default accessories.

Disclaimer: it was previously unboxed. I just put the items again inside the box for this "unboxing" LOL
So here is your typical iPhone 4s package , with its very minimalist and small profile packaging

iPhone 4s , Nokia E71, Nokia N8, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S , Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 picture comparison

I've manage to get a hold of several smart-phones earlier that's why I decided to take pictures of them side by side. You will be able to see the differences in terms of dimension of the phones below. All images are taken by Nokia N8 (unless specified).
E71 , Xperia Arc S,  N8 - taken using an iPhone 4s
The image above is taken using an iPhone 4s. It has somehow a paler color when compared on the image below which is taken using Nokia N8.