Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth stereo headphone review

Philips SHB9000  , volume keys on the bottom part of the right cup, as well as the play/pause button , 3.5mm  jack, micro usb charging slot

Just bought my Philips SHB9000 bluetooth headphones last weekend. I've been using Philips SHB6110 for two years already, it is still working fine but its foam are wearied out.


- Easy to pair (tested with Nokia e71, iPhone 4s, Nokia N8, PC and laptop with bluetooth connection).
- Long range - 10m, i've tried listening to music while walking on the office and leaving the phone of my desk, the quality of sound only degrades after 5-6 cubes (we have pretty big cubicles at the office so 10m is somehow accurate)

Max range between iPhone 4s and Philips SHb6110 headphone - How far is the bluetooth connectivity test
 - 3.5mm removable audio cable , if the headphone ran out of juice or if your mp3 player has no bluetooth connection, you can plug in dual 3.5mm male ended jack and use SHB9000 as a normal wired headphone.
Plug the included 3.5mm line in cable into the headset on one end and your music players 3.5mm headphone jack on the other end and you have a great high performance headphone for your nonBluetooth enabled music players!

Max range between iPhone 4s and Philips SHb6110 headphone - How far is the bluetooth connectivity test

my friend wearing the Philips shb6110 bluetooth headphone (black box)

My two friends and I went to Jog and play Frisbee at Amoranto Sports Complex here at Quezon City earlier this morning. I'm using my Philips SHB6110 bluetooth headphone to listen to music while we run, and to ask for Siri's help like sending a message to my mom asking what will be our breakfast when we got back home.

We are heading back home when one of my friend asks "Where is that music coming from? " , and I realize I wasn't wearing the headphone, left the music playing, and it is just tied on my friends bag. Then a question came to me, on our office i'm getting less than the bluetooth headphone's 10m/33feet documented range (even shorter in between walls).
Connectivity • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, handsfree, headset
• Bluetooth version: 2.0+EDR
• Maximum range: up to 33 feet / 10m
So we decided to test the actual working range between an iPhone 4s and Philips SHB6110 bluetooth headphone on an open area.

How to jailbreak (untethered) iPhone 4s and iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 using Greenpois0n Absinthe tool


Jailbreaking is getting easier and easier for us users , while the actual jailbreaking tools are becoming harder for developers on the other hand

 I don’t know if any iOS hacker anticipated how much the A5 chip would completely change the game & up the stakes. The endless war we fight to jailbreak has become more & more difficult with each new device released, and our recent battle against A5 only proved this further.

and so , yes, our long wait is over , below is the set of steps you need to do in order to jailbreak your iOS device on 5.0.1

Nokia Asha 200 - a full QWERTY dual SIM phone

Pink Nokia Asha 200

Nokia has just launched the Nokia Asha 200 on Philippine. This QWERTY and dual SIM phone comes with 7 attractive colors (Graphite, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pearl White, Light Pink, Pink, Orange).  It has 2.4" screen (with 320x240 pixels, non touchscreen :( ) , Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and EDR (no 3g & Wifi :( ) , 2mp Camera, and other standards on feature phones.

This phone may not be the most feature packed phone but it will surely maximize the way you use your "phone" (because its not a smartphone so dont expect too much) using traditional call and text with its Dual SIM capabilities (lets you use 1 phone with 2 sim cards) and a large 1430 mah battery that will keep it running for a very long time. It will be priced very aggressively so stay tuned for the price range as we gather information about it :P

View the press release below