Automatic , A $69.95 smart car monitoring tool that works even on old cars

Automatic is a $69 gadget that you plug into your car's on board diagnostic port and instantly turn into a high tech diagnostic and smart assistant for you and your car. What it does is it gets data from your car's internal monitoring system (through your car's onboard computer) and then transmits that data into your smartphone via bluetooth. The data transmitted is being read by an app (also from Automatic) which translates it into useful information like explaining what the check engine lights means, or display fuel efficiency as you drive and more.

  • Provide driving feedback
    • how you brake
    • if your overspeeding
    • rapid acceleration
  • Driving score
  • Trip timeline
  • Automatically calls to 911 during crash
  • Explain why a "check engine" light is on, in an easily understandable form with push notification
  • Remember where you park

Just the ability to get information about your car's condition already excites me. With this, it is now possible to maintain our vehicles in top shape. Plus the information also it provides about how we drive, we can use that to improve the way we handle our car for more cost effective or fuel efficient driving and longevity or easier maintenance

Right now, it is only available for iPhone but the company is working on delivering the same product for android smartphone users (targeted this coming fall of 2013). No monthly subscription is required so it's a plus, but a very little data plan is required for the app to work. Read the FAQs.

I asked them if they support the model of the car I have and if they ship the product to Philippines. I'll update this post when they reply.

update: they replied
Hi Gil,

Thanks for writing in!
We're so glad that you're interested in Automatic. Unfortunately, Automatic is only available in the United States right now. We'd love to support other countries eventually and we're working hard to do so.


More information from Automatic
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