Nokia N8 as car GPS, dash camera, multimedia storage, personal camera and an MP3 player

Its been almost 3 years since I got my Nokia N8 and the phone is still alive and working great. Now, I have decided to use it as a:
  • GPS on my car
  • on dash camera
  • additional storage for mp3 for my Pioneer avh3250bt headunit
  • personal camera
  • mp3 player 

I'm very much confident with Nokia's mapping technology. From the early versions (when it was still called Ovi Maps), I've been a very huge fan of their Fully Offline Turn by Turn Navigation with Voice Guidance. That they even brought it over to iOS.
and the introduction of 3d Landmarks and Indoor Navigation. So using Nokia N8 as a car GPS is very much logical considering its outdated and dead OS.
Nokia Drive in action

Dash Camera
3 years after its launch, Nokia N8 can still keep up with the latest phones when it comes to photography or camera quality. Check this post from AAS about N8 vs Xperia Z. Need I say more?

Check out also my previous post about N8 vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Again, because of its outdated and dead OS. Its very hard to keep it as a primary smartphone. Plus the fact that moving again from an iPhone with very much fluid and responsive interface? N8 is as frustrating as a slow motorcycle eating up two lanes on a two lane road.
Sample still picture taken using n8 in night mode
click to enlarge

But being a not so good smartphone at this age is not that bad after all, with its 12mp and very big sensor its a perfect compact and portable camera.

Some info :
I have a medium tint on windshield
I have a dirty windshield
These things affects the quality of the captured video.

Personal Camera
I'm never been a fan of compact cameras or DSLRs. I've been eyeing out mirrorless one but they're too expensive and bulky as well. That is why I think N8 fits my needs.
Look just how it outperforms other camera phones
and how it was compared to a canon DSLR before
I'm not very good at photography so I may not be able to maximize the power of powerful cameras. N8 works fine for me. Anyway, I have the following guides to help me take better pictures with it :

I dont even have to buy seperate underwater camera, N8 can take photos or videos inside an underwater case. Saved a lot of cash because of it.
Additional Storage for my Car's Multimedia Headunit
Nokia N8 has 16gb of internal memory, plus an expandable 32gb of MicroSD card. I'll just hook it up on my car's head unit and let it detect N8 as an external storage. How many music and even movies can you fit on the additional 48gb of storage? :D Or if I dont want to use wires, I can stream music using bluetooth or the built in FM Transmitter.

MP3 Player
Sound quality is great. Coupled with great sounding bluetooth headphones. Long battery life. Perfect.

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