Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising MMORPG for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Here you go, classic MMORPG from Gravity brought to iOS. Never got addicted to this online game but I was able to play this for quite sometime. Its a decent online game that even kids and ladies plays.

Game is touch based (of course) and not that hard to understand unlike other online games. Graphics? its really not that good, specially when you compare it with pocket legends, or any other "legends" game.

Currently, only a Knight, Mage and Acolyte are selectable. I hope other jobs gets added in the near future.

Grab your free download of Ragnarok Valkyrie. Its free to play, with premium items available for purchase using in-app purchases. This is also available on android devices.

From iTunes

These are the servers available, I'm on Asgard :) Let's play!

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