Smart's iPad Air and iPad Mini LTE Plan promo

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An iPad Air 16gb 3g + Wifi when bought retails for P25,490. An Unlimited LTE broadband plan on Smart is P999 monthly. If this math is very much correct, if you get your iPad Air 16gb 3g + wifi and a Smart Broadband plan 999, you will be shelling out

P25,940 +  (P999 x 24 months) = P49,916 in a span of two years

But if you get the iPad plan from Smart

P1,924 x 24 months = P46,176. Thats about P3,740 of savings.

Plus the fact that you won't be paying any big amount. The cost is staggered for 24 months.

Not bad, not really really bad :)

With that savings, I could buy a portable wifi (LTE) from Huawei from other stores.. If I have money tho. HAHA

Promo is until May 25, 2014 only

From Smart

The phones of our world leaders

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Ever wonder what phones our world leaders use? has compiled a list of some of the leaders and their preferred phones:
  • Barrack Obama of United States of America is using a Blackberry handset
  • Angela Merkel of Germany is using Nokia 6260 Slider and Blackberry Z10
  • Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan is using Blackberry Bold
  • Vladimir Putin of Russia is not using any mobile phone
  • Dmitry Medvedev of Russia is using an iPhone
  • Fran├žois Hollande of France is using an iPhone 5
  • Kim Jong-un of North Korea is said to be using an HTC mobile phone
  • Matteo Renzi of Italy is using an iPhone also
What phone does our president P-noy (Noynoy Aquino) use?

Smart Unli25 - unlimited call, text and access to facebook, twitter etc+ additional 15mb of mobile internet

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If you subscribe to Smart's Unli call and text 25 you will get the following :

- unlimited calls to smart and talk n text 
- unlimited text to smart, talk n text and sun cellular
- 50 free text to other networks
- free online access to the following apps facebook, twitter, linked in, google, waze, foursquare and pinterest
- 15mb mobile internet (for sites that are not listed above)

To register , all you have to do is text
And send it to 6406

This promo is for prepaid Smart subscribers only.

Sun Cellular TriNetCall99 is 60mins to Smart and Talk N Text for P99

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Get 60 mins of calls to Smart and Talk N Text subscribers using your sun postpaid for only P99/month on top of your monthly plan. 60 mins of calls for 99 pesos Is equivalent to P2 per minute so there is a lot of savings here if you always smart and talk n text friends.

To register, just text


And send to 247

Sony Xperia VIP service - free pick up, delivery , loaner units and more

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This tweet from Ruffa G caught my attending.
Xperia VIP
- free pick up and delivery
- guaranteed loaner handset
- maximum 7 day turn around time

Now thats extraordinary (relative to philippines) after sales service.

My iPhone 5s' warranty will be carried out by globe which do not have free delivery and pick up when claiming for warranty. 

Warranty claims are processed by telcos for units that are under warranty period and on a subscription plan.

Globe also do not offer loaner units so if you surrender your iphone for analysis and/or repair you need to have an extra phone to use (although you can have your subscription paused for the meantime while service is being done if you dont want to use another phone). And the worst part of it, Globe can take as much as 2 months to hold your unit - which is explained to subscribers during contract signing.

Cheers to Sony Philippines for coming up with such convenient service.

Free Facebook until April 25, 2014 on Globe

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Globe's free facebook access is extended until April 25, 2014