PNY Power-78S power bank review


PNY Power-728s does not include the yellow green flat lightning cable

I got this power bank from CashCashPinoy for around P1,200 pesos delivered straight to office. The SRP of this power bank is around P1,900 so I saved a fair amount of money with this deal.

Package only comes with a short microUSB cable. No adaptor or socket is included so I use my iPhone 5s' or Nokia Lumia 1020's charging adaptor to charge the power bank straight from electric sockets.

The power bank can charge my iPhone 5s full charge 3 times before being drained completely. Charging the power bank takes a long time, I usually plug the power bank to an electric socket around 11pm and then it becomes fully charged around 7-8am the following morning. You can charge  two device at the same time. I was also able to charge devices via the power bank while also charging the power bank itself (I'm not sure if it a good practice).

Build quality is great. This power bank does not look cheap unlike other brands. It also has this "enough" weight that makes the device feel durable

Update (6/6/2015)
This device is very reliable. I can get 2-3x full charge of my iPhone 5s. The powerbank takes a while to charge though, specially if you are using normal phone adapters.


  • Samsung high quality, non-recycled batteries.
  • CE/FCC certification approved.
  • UN38.3 safety requirement compliant.
  • Intelligent LED display indicators.
  • Double protection : on board and cell-pack to prevent overcharge, over voltage, over current and short circuit.
  • Smart power management controller and high efficiency of power conversion.
  • 2 USB output ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
Power-78S: 99x77x23mm
Built in battery
Lithium-ion battery, 3.7V, 7800mAh
USB Input
DC 5V 1A
USB Output
 Power-78S/104S: DC 5V  Total 3.1A Max 
Recharging Time
Power-78S: Around 9 – 11 hrs (via 1A Adaptor)

From PNY Technologies


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