Common iOS 11 problems after update

Last September 21, 2017 is when iOS 11 was released for download , and of course, for update to the Philippine market. I actually planned on waiting for a couple of days before touching the update but my curiousity has beaten my patience. I went for the upgrade morning of the same day and the installation (in my case) is seamless and has no problems at all. However, I noticed that my 3 year old iPad Mini 2 became slower. It was already slow since iOS 10 so I decided to upgrade my iPhone 6s to have a little bit more confirmation. I didnt notice any degradation in performance in my 6s so my issue on the iPad might be because of it being an old device.

I made a facebook post asking my friends how their upgrade went and here are the responses I got:

  • Pioneer Appradio Mode Stopped Working IOS 11 Update
    • this was already confirmed by Pioneer as a known issue
  • Deleted phone contacts and photo
    • possible working as designed. iOS deleting or cleaning up phone for space needed to download and install the update
  • Personal Hotspot disconnecting (intermittent)
  • Bluetooth and Wifi toggle in Control Center not working
  • iPad 2 mini became less responsive

from facebook

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