Common iOS 11 problems after update

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Last September 21, 2017 is when iOS 11 was released for download , and of course, for update to the Philippine market. I actually planned on waiting for a couple of days before touching the update but my curiousity has beaten my patience. I went for the upgrade morning of the same day and the installation (in my case) is seamless and has no problems at all. However, I noticed that my 3 year old iPad Mini 2 became slower. It was already slow since iOS 10 so I decided to upgrade my iPhone 6s to have a little bit more confirmation. I didnt notice any degradation in performance in my 6s so my issue on the iPad might be because of it being an old device.

I made a facebook post asking my friends how their upgrade went and here are the responses I got:

  • Pioneer Appradio Mode Stopped Working IOS 11 Update
    • this was already confirmed by Pioneer as a known issue
  • Deleted phone contacts and photo
    • possible working as designed. iOS deleting or cleaning up phone for space needed to download and install the update
  • Personal Hotspot disconnecting (intermittent)
  • Bluetooth and Wifi toggle in Control Center not working
  • iPad 2 mini became less responsive

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Pineng PN-969 20000mah powerbank review

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My PNY Powerbank (7800mAh) of 3 years died on me months ago which leaves me with just one remaining Pineng powerbank (10000mAh). Not entirely enough for someone who brings tons of gadget every trip. Good thing I saw a sale on Lazada Philippines for a Pineng powerbank with 20000 mAh for only P849.00. It was already a good deal considering I got my Pineng PN-968 for P848 2 years ago and PNY 78s for P1.2k 3 years ago.

Available colors are white+gray and black+red. I ordered 2 pcs , one for each color. My officemate wants to get the black+red one so the white ended up on me.

So this is a true rated powerbank which means, it really is closed to the claimed 20000 mAh as compared to the typical cheap chinese powerbanks you can buy anywhere. It has a intelligent logic controller, which on paper will save my devices from electric damage in case something happens while charging.

So why do I need such huge capacity? 

I will be charging the following devices - during trips:

  1. 2 iPhones
  2. 1 iPad mini
  3. portable fan
  4. bluetooth speaker
  5. GoPro
  6. Some led camp lights
  7. Mirrorless camera

I can get by from the 7800mAh and 10000mAh so I assume this new combination of 10000mAh + 20000mAh should be enough for me.

Package includes just the box, the powerbank and a short USB-microUSB cable.


  • Thin
  • True-rated power
  • Can charge iPhone 6s up to 6x
  • Affordable
  • High quality led indicator


  • Heavy (but still lighter compared to same 20000mAh powerbanks)
  • No built-in flash light
  • Bulky

  1. As per the website there should be a free pouch but I didn't get one from the package
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WARNING: There are many sellers claiming that they're selling an original Pineng powerbank. Be careful when buying online, make sure that you are buying the authentic ones for warranty, safety and reliability purposes. One way to ensure that is to read the reviews carefully, check that the seller has been vouched by a lot of buyers already.

Pineng has a tool to check if the powerbank is original within it's website. You just need to enter the serial number from the scratch card found on the box.

Purchase from Lazada click here

Full specs from Pineng website click here

Specification and Features

1. Input: Micro USB/DC 5V/2A
2. Output: DC5V 2.1A/1A
3. Built-in battery capacities: 3.7V/20000mAh 74wh
4. Battery Type: Li-polymer battery
5. Fully Charge: 8-14 hours
6. Working Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
7. Standby times: >5000hrs
8. Cycle life of charging: 500 times (1 time = from 0% to 100%)
9. Net Weight: 420g
10. Size: 163*76*21mm
1. New series black / white LED display.
2. Dual USB output.
3. Use lithium polymer battery make power bank thinnest.
4. Compatible for any phone, tablet, MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS, game device, camera and many more (just connect with your USB cable).
5. LED display (display battery percentage, in / out charging status).
6. Intelligent voltage recognition chip automatically detects the voltage.
7. Built in battery protection IC to prevent over charging, over discharging and short circuit.
8. Buy official power bank at

Pioneer Appradio mode stopped working IOS 11 update

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I've updated my iPhone 6s today to iOS 11. I didn't experience any update issues along the way. The download was quick and the install is seamless. I've got to experience the new interface of iOS 11 without any problems throughout the day. That is, until after office when I get to the car..

I inserted the lightning cable from my Pioneer AVH-280bt head unit to the lightning port of my iPhone and it instantly activated my spotify playlist. Then as part of my routine is to open up Waze from either my phone or via the head unit's screen (yes, that is possible). On a normal, working day, Waze app should open on my phone and will subsequently be shown and controllable on my head unit's display. However, what happened is that the screen turned blank. Spotify is still playing in the background but my phone is already in AppRadio mode and yet the screen is still blank screen. Normal trouble shooting is to either:

  • disconnecct and reconnect lightning cable
  • close AppRadio / Waze app on iPhone and reopen again
  • turn off head unit, and then turn on again
Usually after trying any or a combination of the things listed above will solve the problem (yep I agree, that Pioneer AppRadio is such a pain to use sometimes). But this time, I failed to fix the problem. Then I remembered I recently updated to iOS 11. So opened safari and didn't some quick google search. Here is what i got

September 19th 2017

Dear Valued Pioneer Customer:

With the release of the new iOS 11 mobile operating system by Apple, Pioneer has discovered a compatibility with AppRadio Mode on certain Pioneer products.
If you connect an iPhone® or 5th or 6th generation iPod touch® device that has been updated to iOS 11 and launch AppRadio Mode, you may experience a blank screen or other display malfunctions that disables the AppRadio Mode feature.

To maintain compatibility with AppRadio Mode, please continue using iOS 10 or older with your iPhone or iPod touch. Pioneer is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and will update this notice once firmware updates for the products are available. For further information, including affected Pioneer products, see this list.


So basically, there's an issue with AppRadio on iOS 11. I just can't think of any valid reason why a company like Pioneer who has already an access to developer versions of iOS 11 has failed to release an update to the AppRadio app prior to iOS 11 global launch. They should already have tested AppRadio on the pre-public release version and have enough time to fix any bugs before iOS 11 is release. This sucks but what we can do no is just wait for the AppRadio developers to do something on the application for us to be able to use it again.


I remembered, I still have iPhone 5s. Hope I dont forgot not to update it yet.

AppRadio not working on iOS 11, AppRadio problem with iOS 11 , iOS 11 Appradio

Discounted iPhone prices prior to iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch

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We all know that every time a new iPhone will be launch, the prices of the existing models goes down by around 4000-5000 pesos each.

Since not everyone wants to buy the latest and greatest iPhone "yet", there are people who opts to get the the existing model and save a few thousand that they can probably spend on accessories, or better yet "load" credits. So I made the effort on researching and collecting the price data on the majoy iPhone retailers here in the country  so you don't have to. *wink*

Here is the current prices of each model based on the retailer's websites.

Lazada 99 sale September 8 - 10, 2017 + voucher codes

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Lazada is having 99 sale for 3 days starting today Sept 8, 2017. What I don't understand is thatthere are items which costs more than P99? Anyway , I just bought a banana bag for P169 pesos. The products on sale changes every 2 hours. That means if I was able to buy a banana bag, there is no guarantee that the same product will be available on the next set. I checked it now (9:07) and the banana bag is not on sale on the current set anymore.

My problem now is that because I looked at the site again, I found a good deal of Philippine Scratch Map for only P499 pesos , and now I'm tempted to buy it. WTF Lazada!

It is faster to use the website to browse and buy items than the mobile app

Here are some good deals that I'm interested in available on the current set:
- Inflatable 2 person air bed for P719
- PILATEN Blackhead remover (peel) P99
- Sricam 720HD ip camera for P1429
- LOVE&HOME humidifier for P349
- Asus zenfone 3 laser 4gb ram 32gb rom for P7899

There's also Romoss 20000mah powerbank for P809 later at 1pm

Also, the stocks are limited so you better decide quickly when buying.

Voucher Codes

Use these voucher codes to further reduce your purchase price

P100 off, P1000 minimum purchase
New customers only

12% off, P400 max
P1500 minimum purchase
12nn-2pm only, Until Oct 15
Mastercard debit/credit cards only

P150 off, P2000 minimum purchase
One-time use only.

10% off, P350 max
P1000 minimum purchase
Fridays only, until Sep 29
Visa cards only

Sun Cellular WAIS is like creating your own plan on Prepaid with unlimited call and text for as low as P100

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Sun Cellular offers WAIS promo that gives unlimited calls and text to fellow Sun Cellular subscriber for as low as 100 pesos and as long as 30 days. Furthermore, you can also add EXTRAs to the already practical subscription like :

  • Text to all networks for P50
  • Call to all networks for P50
  • IDD Calls for P50
  • Data (mobile internet) for P50 and P100

Basically, you can create your own plan while using a prepaid SIM Card. How cool, right?!