Most users care less about underlying changes of their phones OS. They just want a fresh look and experience - Symbian Belle UI hands on

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I went to a party last week and i've met an old friend of mine who just bought a Nokia N8 and is just an ordinary phone user (not the techie ones). He asked me, "are there any upcoming updates" and i said, "yup. in fact i already downloaded a new revision of Symbian OS, name Anna". I showed him my phone and told him the changes. Do you know what he said?

"Ahh basta, turuan mo na lang ako kung paano yan ilagay next time" , in english "just instruct me how to install that update, pro'lly next time".

When i told him again, "And there is an upcoming update that will revamp the UI of symbian to match or become at par with android". That's the time he became excited. "Gusto ko nun , gusto ko nun. Meron na ba nun?" which means "I want that, i want that. Is it already out?".

That is a realization again for me, normal phone users don't care much about the changes going on with the operating system. Most of them just care about how the phone looks or the experience of the phone as they use it.

In fact there are also instances where in people borrows my phone , looks at it, and they feel like lost with the menus and apps (they're more familiar with android or iOS) - which is understandable. They look at symbian as ugly boring OS. They become amazed only once i show them what can i do with my phone such as

Advance things such as
Using camera on rainy days , macro shots , underwater pics and video
torrent downloading client
Wifi hotspot using Joikuspot application
Stream music using the built-in transmitter (helpful on old cars that only have radio receivers and no CD or MP3 player)
Edit pictures and videos on the phone itself
Watch videos on HDTV using the built it HDMI slot
Read usb storage devices using USB-on-the-go feature
Offline turn by turn mapping navigation with voice guidance [2]

Simpler things like
Power  a usb-fan

and more (by the way, my current phone is Nokia N8)

Anyway, just watch the demo of the newest upcoming update for Symbian, the symbian belle. Cheers

Nokia 100 and 101 - the latest single and dual sim s30 phones

Nokia 100
Nokia announces two new hot phones, the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101. Both are running S30 (this is the first time i heard this symbian version). The two phones are very much the same except that the Nokia 101 has a dual sim capability,an mp3 player, support for expandable memory (up to 16gb). They are both targetted for developing markets and thus can reach 25 days on standby, or 6.7 hours in talktime.
Nokia 101

Both phone also have the following feature:
3.5mm earphone jack
FM Radio
Support for 5 different address book and personalisation of up to 5 different SIM cards
128 x 160 pixels (1.8" TFT 65k display)

The price point will be around P1,500 for Nokia 101 and P1,200 for Nokia 100.

Read the press release after the break

Logitech Joystick for iPad - add precision to your iOS games

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Looks like this item is made for N.O.V.A (looks at screenshot), good thing i'm currently addicted to this game

Me and a couple of friends have been looking the perfect pair of bluetooth keyboard and mouse for our iPad's to be able to play games more decently (which we haven't found yet). Onscreen controls are fine but sometimes can be frustrating if your fingers are kinda sticky or when they go out of the virtual control's range of input.

Logitech outs Joystick for Ipad. It's plastic joystick that attaches to your iPad's screen using suction cups. You can now play games with directional buttons with better experiences.

Airplay mirroring demo from iPad 2 using iOS 5 beta 6

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Look how wireless streaming of iPad 2 to an HDtv is done.

If your TV doesnt not support AirPlay, then you will need a device that can receive data via Airplay such as Apple TV.

Nokia is up to something on August 24, 2011

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In less than 2 days, Nokia will be announcing something. Im pretty sure it will not be about Symbian Anna cause its officially released last week. Speculation about Belle being launched on Wed can be a possibility but isn't it too early?

My personal guess would be the introduction of the 1ghz phones such as Zeta. Or how about Swipe UI implementation on Symbian? hehe.

from Nokia Facebook page

Fusion Garage outs Grid 10 and Grid 4 with Grid OS (new tablet and phone)

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Fusion Garage releases a new competitor on tablet (previously known as JooJoo project which we though was dead) and mobile phone market, the Grid 10 (10" display tablet) and Grid 4 (4" display mobile phone) using Grid OS.

GridOS user interface is fresh and intuitive. Its grid layout is fluid, easy to use and unique compared to any other device. User interface innovations extend across all its functionalities. Even the way you interact with a volume dial has been rethought and delivered.

What sets this device apart from the current market is that both the tablet and the mobile phone has buttonless design and uses Grid OS as the operating system. Grid OS is an Android kernel with Grid UI on top so basically android apps are compatible in these two devices as well.

Globe's Improved SuperUnliAllTxt25 Promo (now with 10 mins of call)

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I recently posted the same promo about a month ago and now Globe made the promo even better. For the same P25 pesos, you will now get 10 mins of call to Globe/TM on top of the original Unlimited Texts to all networks and 1 hour of mobile internet that is valid for 1 day.

Been using this for several days already, pardon for the late post.

To register

Just text UALLPLUS25 to 8888

This promo is until September 30, 2011 only.

Demo of the leaked Belle update installed on N8

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Thinking of flashing my N8 with Belle but I'm kind of afraid since i dont have a replacement phone in case my N8 get bricked :P

How to use Gmail's Free texting/sms to Smart , Sun and Globe

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You can send SMS messages to your contacts’ mobile phones using Gmail Chat. To do so from Gmail:

  1. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search or invite friends’ box in Chat, and select Send SMS from the box of options that appears to the right of your contact’s name. Or, if you already have a Chat window open for this contact, just click Options, and select Send SMS.
  2. In the dialog box, enter a phone number in the ‘Send SMS messages to this number’ field.
  3. Click Save.
  4. A Chat window appears. Just type your message as you would normally. When you hit Enter, the message will be sent to the phone number you entered. 

Tested sending a message from gmail

Blackberry Playbook and Mobile Phone bundle from Sun Cellular

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Sun is giving 4 options for Blackberry users that are interested also with PlayBook. Take note that BlackBerry Playbook will be better when paired with blackbery handset as the user will be able to reply to email or send messages from the tablet when connected to the mobile phone.
Sun Offers the Blackberry Mobile phone and Playbook bundle on Plan 999, Elite Plan 1500, Elite Plan 2500 and Elite Plan 3500.

Mobile phones available for selections are Curve 8520 (why no Curve 9300, its way much better), Bold 9700 and Torch 9800.

From Sun Cellular

To learn more about Playbook visit

Boxee for ipad now available on iTunes / App Store

Boxee works great on PC and set top boxes, letting you watch premium videos from internet (with partners such as MLB, Netflix, NHL, Vudu and Pandora) and now you can stream this contents to and from your iPad and other boxee enabled device.
Video from you and your friends - all in one place that goes anywhere.
Boxee for iPad brings videos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your computer all onto your ipad so you can find and watch new videos or favorites on the train, in bed, on the couch, on the john, during boring conversation, on the patio, from the roof deck, in an abandoned bunker, on the side of a mountain....
Learn more about Boxee for iPad here
Download from iTunes

Globe now supports Free Facebook via java App

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Contrary to my previous post "Facebook for Globe and Smart free for 90 days [tried on globe not free]"  I mentioned that Globe stated that
Hi! We don't offer a free access to Facebook
Well now it looks like Globe will be supporting this joint venture from Facebook after all.

I tried texting FB to 2910 (even twice) but didn't get any reply from Globe.

Has anyone tried this one also? Does it work for you?

Facebook for Globe and Smart free for 90 days [tried on globe not free]

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If you access Facebook using a mobile device, chances are you will be seeing a page similar to this. Now, while Sun Cellular has for quite sometime already, facebook is claiming that Smart and Globe subscribers too can enjoy free facebook access by downloading a java app(previously snaptu) from them.

Bummer, tried it earlier on my Nokia N8 (java enabled phone) using Globe as service provider. My load has been deducted by 5 pesos (i'm on prepaid by the way). Confused, i tried searching for answers on the internet while on the move. Found a post from CTB.

Here is what Globe told CTB

Hi! We don't offer a free access to Facebook. We have a recent promo which ended last June 30, 2011 Super Facebook. You can register to SuperSurf to access the internet and social sites like Facebook: SUPERSURF gives you unlimited access to the Internet.

I saw the webpage you sent. Thank you for bringing this up. The promo you mentioned is not official. Globe promotions are announced and made known to the public through advertisements such as print-ads in major daily newspapers, posters in our Business Centers and authorized dealers, radio and television advertisements, letters or text broadcasts. DTI authority oversees any promo that Globe Telecom may have. Thank you.
Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Update: I tried using Myglobe connect settings but the java application wasnt able to connect o internet. (source: )

Has anyone tried this on smart?