Nokia Asha 310 Dual Sim & Wifi P4,650 here in Philippines

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Nokia Philippines has brought Nokia Asha 310 on the Philippine shores. A classic designed symbian phone with Dual SIM and Wifi for only P4,650 SRP. Colors available are Black, White and Golden Light.

  • Dual SIM
  • 3" TFT capacitive touchscreen, 240 x 400 px 
  • scratch resistant glass
  • 20mb Internal storage, expandable up to 32gb MicroSD
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, 
  • microUSB
  • 2mp Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • FM Radio with RDS
  • 1100mah battery

Globe Gadget Care - a mobile phone insurance program

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Globe is offering a new program to protect your mobile devices bought from them. Caters from accidents to loss of device , depending on the coverage you applied for. I'm not sure if this is the first insurance being given by telephone companies here in the Philippines but this is the first that I am aware of.

Accidental Damage - Globe Care covers damage due to accidents, even
Theft or Robbery - Loss due to theft or robbery
Postpaid Bill Protect - if you can't pay your bills anymore
Unit Replacement - repair or even replace the affected device depending on the coverage of your insurance
World wide coverage - applies to you Globe devices even when you are outside the country

Gadget Care Coverage Types

Basically, there are two types of coverage under Gadget Care: Comprehensive protection and Voluntary Protection

  • Comprehensive Protection Coverage - new and re-contracting subscribers who want to get a new device under My Super Plan
  • Voluntary Protection Coverage - Postpaid Subscribers with existing devices under a Postpaid plan 

Automatic , A $69.95 smart car monitoring tool that works even on old cars


Automatic is a $69 gadget that you plug into your car's on board diagnostic port and instantly turn into a high tech diagnostic and smart assistant for you and your car. What it does is it gets data from your car's internal monitoring system (through your car's onboard computer) and then transmits that data into your smartphone via bluetooth. The data transmitted is being read by an app (also from Automatic) which translates it into useful information like explaining what the check engine lights means, or display fuel efficiency as you drive and more.

  • Provide driving feedback
    • how you brake
    • if your overspeeding
    • rapid acceleration
  • Driving score
  • Trip timeline
  • Automatically calls to 911 during crash
  • Explain why a "check engine" light is on, in an easily understandable form with push notification
  • Remember where you park

Nokia N8 as car GPS, dash camera, multimedia storage, personal camera and an MP3 player

Its been almost 3 years since I got my Nokia N8 and the phone is still alive and working great. Now, I have decided to use it as a:
  • GPS on my car
  • on dash camera
  • additional storage for mp3 for my Pioneer avh3250bt headunit
  • personal camera
  • mp3 player 

I'm very much confident with Nokia's mapping technology. From the early versions (when it was still called Ovi Maps), I've been a very huge fan of their Fully Offline Turn by Turn Navigation with Voice Guidance. That they even brought it over to iOS.
and the introduction of 3d Landmarks and Indoor Navigation. So using Nokia N8 as a car GPS is very much logical considering its outdated and dead OS.
Nokia Drive in action

Sun Cellular MyPhone MyPad 2 and A818 Slim

Sun Cellular is offering A FREE MyPhone MyPad 2 Tablet & MyPhone A818 for as little as P450 pesos per month. That is 2 devices on a single plan, for only P450 monthly, no initial cash out.
Sun Plan 450 have
- Unlimited Sun calls & texts
- 250 texts to other networks
- 20 hours mobile internet

Myphone A818 Slim specs:
3.5” Touch Screen
Android v.2.3
Dual SIM
1GHz Dual Core
3.2 MP Camera

Mypad 2 specs:
7” Touch Screen
Android v.4.0
2.0 MP Camera

From Sun Cellular twitter

Requirements for applying on the plan

BlackBerry 10 screen sharing demo

Delighted when I saw this feature of BlackBerry 10 on messaging. I wonder why the other phone/phone OS maker didn't made screen sharing part of the operating system. Its a very nifty feature specially when you are trying to instruct something to a friend - remotely. I just think it wouldn't be really that useful in real life situation, considering the quality of mobile internet connection here in the Philippines.
With screen sharing, your friends and family can share whatever is on their screen. Photos, websites and more. In real time.
View the demo below

GMESSAGE - Free messaging to globe, cheaper messaging to other networks


GMESSAGE app is a messaging app brought to us by Globe that gives us a way to send messages for free to other Globe Subscribers (that also uses GMESSAGE app) or a cheaper way to text other networks if you use GMESSAGE app.

  • Send GMESSAGES and Text messages in one application
  • GMESSAGE lets Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers to send free GMESSAGEs to other GMESSAGE users
  • Send cheaper text messages to non GMESSAGE users via text messages (this includes other networks) - P0.15 per message
  • GMESSAGE can share photos, videos, voice notes, and audio files
  • GMESSAGE can create group chats (up to 25 recipients)
  • GMESSAGE has "Magic Words" which can detect the context of a conversation and provide easy links to useful and relevant content such as Google Maps directions, a Wikipedia page or a YouTube video

My Plan is to replace the default messaging application of my iPhone 4s with this one since if in case I'm sending a message to someone using GMESSAGE I can take advantage of the free text. In case not, I can still take advantage of the cheaper charge of P0.15.

Here are some problems that some users reported:
- not all messages don't get through, especially the long ones
- there's no text (character) counter
- it has no copy paste feature (as of now)
- you can only see two lines while sending a text (it doesn't expand when u have a longer text) so it's difficult to edit when you have a mistake a few words back
- was also confused where and how to text people that aren't your contacts (apparently found in conversations thru blue bubble on upper right)

Download from iTunes
From Globe

Press Release below

Plants vs Zombies free for download, limited time only

Saw a post from Techpinas, Plants vs Zombies is free for a limited time. One of the All time favorites that recently cost $0.99 (and cost as much as $9.99 before) is now available to download for free.

Can somebody using Plants vs Zombies HD (for iPad) and those using android confirm if its also free for such devices?

Grab them from iTunes or apps store