iPhone is sending iMessage using email address instead of number (solved)

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It happened to my girl friend's iPhone and it's pretty annoying for the people she is texting with. Imagine that when I text her, my message is received and added on the message thread with her number on and when she replied, i will receive her message but on a seperate thread that has her email address on. So everytime I try to recall what message should i respond, i have to switch to different threads to be sure and have to go back to the thread with her email address on because it is where iMessages are being sent. Otherwise, if i keep sending message using the thread with the phone number, the message is sent as text message and thus i will be charged accordingly.

This problem started when Smart (a telecommunication provider in the philippines she is subscribed) had problems with the mobile internet in their area and since her internet connection is down (I'm on Globe Telecoms by the way) our messages became a normal text message. When the connection is restored, all her message started to come from the her email address instead of the phone number.

I asked her to to check the Settings > Messages and configure it to send via the registered number but the problem is she is being prevented from removing the email address as the message source.

The solution

A quick google revealed that there are times when the apple id and the registered number becomes out of sink (probably due to a number of reason which includes internet connection being removed etc). You can fix this problem by turning off iMessage , and then wait for several seconds to minute before turning on the iMessage again. After turning on the iMessage, the service will be activated first before it could work again (this could take up to a minute or two). This is the phase also of the fix where the apple id is being associated with cellphone number.

Sony Xperia M2 free on Smart All-in Plan 1200 ( Sony Xperia M2 vs Z2 )

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Sony Xperia Z2 is the current flagship phone of Sony and it comes free on Plan 2000 from Smart. If you can't afford to buy it right now, you can still get a trimmed down version which is Xperia M2

What is the difference of Sony Xperia Z2 with M2 ?


  • Both have 3G and LTE
  • Using Micro SIM
  • Scratch resistant glass
  • Speaker
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Expandable with Micro SD
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • MicroUSB (USB Host and USB OTG)
  • Accelerometer, proximity and compass
  • GPS


  • Z2 is bigger but thinner
  • M2 is lighter
  • Z2 is dustproof and water resistant
  • Z2 has a larger and more clearer screen (IPS LCD with 1080x1920px on 5.2" screen)
  • Z2 uses Triluminos display and X-reality Engine
  • Z2 is multi touch up to 10 fingers, M2 is only up to 4
  • Z2 has a Shatter proof glass too
  • Z2 supports up to 128gb of micro SD card while M2 is only up to 32gb
  • Z2 has 16gb of internal memory with 3gb of ram, M2 has only 8gb of internal memory and 1gb of ram
  • Z2 has way better camera with 20mp sensor and better optics, M2 has 8mp
  • Z2 can record video with up to 2160p of resolution at 30fps, M2 can only do 1080p
  • Z2 has a better front facing camera with 2.2mp, M2 has VGA
  • Z2 has faster processor
  • Z2 has faster graphics
  • Z2 has Gyroscope and Barometer
  • Z2 has a larger battery

Here is a link from GSM Arena to view the full specification

There is no doubt that Plan 2000 (with Z2) is a better value for money because of the inclusion of services (150 free texts and 150mins of free calls = P1.1k worth ) plus the fact that the Z2 is so much better phone. Just look at the advantages of Z2 over M2 on the list above. For 800 pesos more, you'll get 1.1k worth of cellphone credits plus all of the upgrades Z2 has to offer vs M2.  But going back to my introduction, if you don't need all of the added value and can live with the P205 consumable of All-in Plan 1200, is already enough. Like what I always remind my friends who ask me which device is better, if you can't maximize the feature don't get it. You are just wasting your money for features you don't use.

From Smart

Where to buy Sony Xperia M2 in the Philippines

It's going down, I'm going Tinder - A Tinder app review

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3 weeks ago, a friend (and she's a girl) I'm having a lunch with introduced me to a an app she is using called Tinder.  To put it bluntly, it's a dating app, but tinder describes it as a new way to meet interesting people. Yet, the only way for you to connect with someone using the app is by location and face value*.

It's a match

There's not really much you can do with the app. Tinder is basically a messaging app, and for someone to be able to message another person, they should match first.

How are people matched? 

People are matched if they liked each other. But for that to happen, both people must say that he or she liked the other person. Tinder requires each user to login to using there Facebook account. This is to at least have a certain degree of the user's credibility as a real person. This is where also Tinder gets the picture that it will show on the user's profile. Another information that is being taken is their common friends and interests.

So, its not just a lll about the face? 

Apparently yes, there are thousands of users using Tinder here in the philippines and to shove it all on  your phone is pretty difficult for you to check all. Tinder filter's your possible "matches" depending on the location range and gender you specific, and your common interests that's taken from Facebook*.

Keep playing or send a message

When two people are matched, both are given two option. Keep Playing or Send a Message. Keep playing just lets the user keep on seeing more individuals but person he or she is matched with will now be added to their contacts. They can message them anytime. Send a message will open up a messaging chat box for the users to start chatting. They can still look for potential matches anytime they wished.

At this point, there's nothing you can do much about. Its up to the user how they will interact. Should they add one another on Facebook? or keep talking on topics they are both interested? or probably have coffee or dinner somewhere.

With the recent update,  tinder introduce moments. Sadly, i don't know much about the new feature because I have to delete the app.

If you want to try tinder just go to www.gotinder.com or search it on your mobile phone's app store.

How to share your location to your friends in real time using Waze

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There are times when you want to share your real time location to your friends, probably because you are on a convoy towards a destination and you wanted to know if the other cars are left behind. There are also times that we just want to make sure our kids or partners reach home safe and sound and knowing where they are anytime is a huge help.

Here is how you can do it using Waze, a map or navigation application created by an Israeli start up and later bought by google.

If you want to share your location in real time
1. From the application, click the tap button found on the lower left of the screen
2. Tap the Send ETA button
3. You will be presented with two options : Share Drive and Send a Location
Share Drive is the option where your location is shared in real time. Even the estimated time of arrival is computed based on how fast you travel and is also shared to your friends who knows the link.
Send a Location is the option where you share your current location only. If you move, or if you change your current location, it will not be shared to your friends automatically.
4. Since we want to share our location real time, you need to select Share Drive
5. You will be presented with 3 ways on how you can share your drive, 1st is you send it using messages (SMS or iMessage) , 2nd is by sending it through email and 3rd is a link where you can copy it and send through other means such as Facebook messenger, viber, whatsapp, post it on your Facebook wall or twitter and more.
Send a Location also uses the 3 ways of sharing
6.  You'll know if you are starting to share your whereabouts once the yellow waze icon with signals is displayed. A number is displayed on that icon depending on the number viewing your location

Use it carefully. Close the application when not in used and share only to people you trust.

How to share location
How to share drive or destination
How to know someones actual location
How to share your location using Waze

New Instagram editing tools and what they do to your pictures

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Instagram add a bunch of new editing tools on top of its original filters in its recent update. User can now edit brightness, sharpness and even highlight the image among others.


Makes photo brighter or darker


Enhances the already bright or darker areas of the photos. Bright areas become even brighter while dark areas become even more darker.

Globe GoSurf99 - P99 for 30 days

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GoSurf 99 will now replace the PowerSurf 99 that was being offered by Globe for a long time. Registering to GoSurf 99 will give you a consumable 100mb of internet bandwidth which is valid for 30 days.

Register to GoSURF 99 for only 99 pesos and stay connected  with 100 MB for 30 days, while listening to music on Spotify Basic, for free.**

Based on www.globe.com.ph/help/data-and-network/gosurf-and-spotify :

GoSurf 99 gives user 100mb of data PLUS 1gb of spotify user streaming. Question now is what will happen if youve used up all 1gb of spotify streaming. Will the service stop? Or will it start using up the 100mb consumable data you have?

To register, Just text*

GOSURF 99 to 8888 for postpaid

GOSURF99 to 8888 for prepaid

* take note of the space
** spotify promo is only until june 30, 2014

Important things that Apple announced on WWDC 2014 thats useful for us consumers

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Dr Dre was welcomed to Apple by Craig using the Mac OSX Yosemite's feature that accepts calls and messages from iMessage :)

OSX 10.10 Yosemite

  • New Look - Flat design and translucent panels
  • Notification and Widgets - Today view is added , and you can install third parts apps and widgets to notification
  • Spotlight - you can now launch apps with just first few letters, browse documents (with preview) or search from wikipedia, apple maps, events and contacts
  • Safari - Now has centered url+search bar, added share button (much like from iOS)
  • Mail - made the syncing more reliable, can edit photos form within the mail app, big attachments that can't be accepted by other mail providers are now saved on MailDrop and a link to that file is instead included on the mail's body
  • iCloud Drive - dropbox like storage that sync on every apple device you have (+ windows), you can access the files too through your finder
  • Handoff Syncs - share work for your different apple device, you can start an email from your iPhone and finish it on you Mac
  • AirDrop Mac-to-iOS and vice versa - before you are only allowed to share iOS to iOS or Mac to Mac, now you can share from any apple device you have
  • Instant Hostpost - its now easier to connect to internet using your phone's connection
  • SMS & Phone Calls - you can now also accept phone calls using your Mac
Read more below...

White/Gold iPhone 5s and White iPhone 5c picture comparison

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There's no point making a head to head comparison between iPhone 5s and an iPhone 5c. A lot of blogs have already covered it and iPhone 6 is also coming near. So I'll be posting pictures instead and let you readers appreciate the difference between the white iPhone 5c and gold iPhone 5s.

more pictures below

Lenovo A316i review : why we chose it over other phones for my mom

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A Lenovo A316i package contains the basic standard items like : Manual and warranty booklet, wall charger and cable, earphone and the handset

We are looking for the perfect phone to replace my mom's Nokia Asha 210. Our requirements? Should be :
- Dual SIM (well not really required but a great feature for her)
- Wifi
- Facebook
- Responsive interface
- can run some games
- and most importantly will not go over around P8000 ($200)