Project: Globe Mobile Internet Speed Test and Coverage Map by Area - Philippines

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I'm doing this new research, and I hope you people can help me. I'd like to have an information on Globe's mobile internet speed per area initially on Metro Manila, then hopefully the whole Philippines.

What you can do is to do a speed test on your Globe powered phones and provide the following information: (don't worry, your anonymity will remain)

  • Area (preferrably street name) 
  • Ping/Latency
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • type of connection (3g/edge/gprs/4g) but i prefer 3g for consistency
  • Remarks (are you inside a building or a car, also the phone you used)

I know there's more things to consider like the specifications of your mobile phone, the current internet traffice etc BUT for simplicity's sake, we shall ignore them and just look at PING, DL speed and UL speed since we are talking about real world scenarios here, and have multiple trials be averaged.

 Here is the spreadsheet I'm trying to fill out
Globe Mobile Internet Speed test per Area
I'm not a master of mobile networks and infrastructure  so if you believe i have missed out a very important thing to consider in this research, feel free to voice them out on the comments below.

Humor - Vangie : The Pinoy Siri [Siri Parody]

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The video was created and uploaded by MacapunoSystem. Got intrigued by several re-post from Facebook so I decided to watch. Its' very humorous and truly pinoy. Watch the video below to see what is it to have a genuine Filipino virtual assistant on your iPhone.

Here are some funny comments from the youtube page as well:

"Paghaluhaluin mo lang yan, PASOK NA SA BANGA"... HAHAHAHAHAHA ANSAVEH? "LIKE!"
VANGIE call my girlfriend..GIRLFRIEND? WeeeEhhh?! soo funny..laughtrip Lol
seriously if the there would be a "vangie" in place of siri i would buy the new iphone in a snap...hahaha
Probably not even real, but that makes me want an Iphone 4s
More videos below

Short demo of Siri on iPhone 4s

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I've recorded a very short demo to showcase  the capability of Siri on iPhone 4s

Some things I noticed about Siri:

  • Needs getting used to it. Siri have some problems understanding my english accent at first.
  • Sometimes, words or phrases are interpreted differently 
  • Siri is somehow intelligent or intelligent enough to have some short conversation with
  • Siri can't open apps for you

Share your experiences with Siri on the comments section below. Maybe I'd post a video of Siri's usefulness on real world scenarios soon.

And dont forget to thank Siri from time to time (just like what I accidentally did on this video LOL)  :P

Unboxing of Apple iPhone 4s - Globe retail package (postpaid)

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I just want to share to you guys some pictures of the iPhone 4s from being packed to its un-boxed state. I know there are already plenty of un-boxing posts on the internet but for the sake of un-boxing a Retail Package for Philippines, here you go (though honestly i don't think there's much difference with the packaging of the iPhone between countries).

by the way, this is from Globe on a postpaid plan. And to spoil the whole post, there's no free bumper case, or casing or key-chain or anything. just the plain phone and its default accessories.

Disclaimer: it was previously unboxed. I just put the items again inside the box for this "unboxing" LOL
So here is your typical iPhone 4s package , with its very minimalist and small profile packaging

iPhone 4s , Nokia E71, Nokia N8, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S , Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 picture comparison

I've manage to get a hold of several smart-phones earlier that's why I decided to take pictures of them side by side. You will be able to see the differences in terms of dimension of the phones below. All images are taken by Nokia N8 (unless specified).
E71 , Xperia Arc S,  N8 - taken using an iPhone 4s
The image above is taken using an iPhone 4s. It has somehow a paler color when compared on the image below which is taken using Nokia N8.

Globe Powersurf's volume base (per MB) charging now official for prepaid, with more options

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I posted a short test before "Globe Powersurf bucket charging (per MB or data usage) now available for prepaid , how to register" and now, its official, from Globe. Aside from the the usual Powersurf15,30 and 50, they've also added the Powersurf99, 299 and 499 (all 30 days unlimited internet) previously only available for Postpaid subscribers.

Sadly, this is just a promo. Until Dec. 31, 2011 only.

From Globe

Globe Powersurf bucket charging (per MB or data usage) now available for prepaid , how to register

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Initially, bucket charging or per data usage  via Globe Powersurf is only available for Postpaid subscribers
I’ve been using Powersurf (ranging from 15/30/50) for my mobile internet needs as its more flexible than the regular P5 / 15mins charging when you are not registered to any data promos. Today is different though because after registering for powersurf 15, I receive the message displayed on the side
To continue your registration to POWERSURF<15/30/50>, text TIME <15/30/50) to 8888for <1/3/5> hours of mobile internet consumed per minuted OR text MB<15/30/50> to 8888 for <20/50/100>MB of mobile internet consumed per KB. Valid for <1/1/3> days upon successful registration.

Failed attempt to jailbreak brand new iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.5 , things to consider

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A friend of mine asked if i can jailbreak his iPad 2 with current iOS version 4.3.5.  If you remember, i posted an article before on how to easily jailbreak an iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3, well 4.3.5 is different and you can't use to jailbreak an iPad on this version. After several hours of trial and error, and a lot of research, i found out the following important information you should consider when you try jailbreaking your iPad

  • iOS 4.3.4 and 4.3.5 for iPad 2 has no available untethered jailbreak
  • the only way to jailbreak iPad on this iOS version is to downgrade it to 4.3.3 (then jailbreak it using this very easy process)
  • You can only downgrade to 4.3.3 from 4.3.5, if your iPad 2 has been previously jailbroken on version 4.3.3 and has saved shsh/blobs (so obviously, there's no option to jailbreak a brand new iPad that has iOS 4.3.5 already installed)
  • the downgrade to 4.3.3 option is not available for 3g/CDMA versions of iPad 2, only applicable to "wifi only" devices
  • there's no ongoing development to jailbreak iOS versions 4.3.4 and 4.3.5, so just wait for the iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak 
  • Although there are reports that some users (technical bad ass ones) was able to jailbreak their iPad 2 4.3.5 

If you have questions, post them on the comments section below

Sun Cellular's CTU (call and text unlimited) has been improved

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In case you missed this update from Sun, here it is

CTU25 now has :
Unli call and text sun-to-sun
50 text to other networks
1 day validity

CTU50 now has :
Unli call and text sun-to-sun
150 text to other networks
2 days validity

CTU100 now has :
Unli call and text sun-to-sun
30 mins of mobile internet
200 text to other networks
5 days validity

CTU150 now has :
Unli call and text sun-to-sun
30 mins of mobile internet
250 text to other networks
P25 worth of regular load
7 days validity

Nokia Asha "Why do you QWERTY!" promo

Nokia Asha 303
Got an email from Nokia and looks like they're giving away a new Nokia Asha phone.

Check the mechanics below.

Nokia Maps v3.08 shows 3d landmarks here in Philippines

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SM Megamall and Shangri-la at Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila (in 3d view)

I got bored earlier that's why i started playing with my Nokia N8. I accidentally opened Nokia Drive, and noticed that there is a translucent image on my maps. I looked carefully and realized that its the 3d landmarks. I thought this would only come to major cities like the ones located on Europe and US.
Manuel L. Quezon Monument, Quezon City, Metro Manila Another reason to love navigation with nokia devices.

Hihey Mobile not doing well lately, help me share posts again

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As you can see from the graph above, I started this blog on the last day of Jan 2011 and it grew very fast  peaking on July 2011. It took a slight downturn during July - Sept because I became busy with my love life (yes i had one), but it was shortlived and didn't ended happily so I got back on track with blogging, getting a positive turn again by Oct 2011. But I became busy again with another stuff (online gaming) paving way for another downturn again for Hihey Mobile.

But what really made this blog took a sharp hit in pageviews is what i did on Nov 2. I changed the design BIG TIME. I wanted to give the blog a refreshed look, i was happy with new design, people loved the design , but the web  statistics says the internet did not like it :(

In just 1 day half of the visitors are gone. So I brought back the website to its original design, i cant afford to lose readers now. I want to get back to blogging again, but i also want a new sleeker look for the site. Maybe i'll just do that when i decided to change the domain name to

These are some of the tips of Mark from Techpinas when we met, and now i realize how true they are :
1. Keep on posting interesting stuff
2. Search engines hates changes in website designs

Expect to for exciting posts from now on. I'm thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia from UK to become first of the reviewers of that phone here in the Philippines. Let's see what happens.

New Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is free on My Super Plan 1799 & MySuperPlan UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799


Just found this promo from Globe, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play ( a gaming android based phone) comes free on both My Super Plan 1799 or MySuperPlan Unlisurf combo plan 1799 . Aside from the handset, you will also get a RK330 Multi-Media Dock.

RK 300 Multi Media Dock
    •  Connects to speakers, so you get a better gaming experience at home
    •  Multi-functional—works as a charger, as an alarm clock and as a gaming console

I'm trying to look for a picture of the multimedia dock but i cant find one.

So what is the difference between My Super Plan 1799 & MySuperPlan UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799 ?

Nokia Suite is the new Ovi Suite, faster and better

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Nokia Suite is just a re-branded Ovi Suite since Nokia is already killing the brand Ovi. Along side the changes on color and icons, Beta labs also included some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Here is what I noticed upon using Nokia Suite:

  • Faster sync time compared to the latest version of Ovi Suite
  • Noticed also that the performance has improved. Haven't encountered "not responding" problem so far. 
The application has a refreshed look and feel
The new Support view offers info and help with using Nokia Suite and your phone
The Support view helps make sure you have enough free space on your phone
The improved sync log shows you what has changed during syncing
Software updates for your phone software and phone applications now run more reliably
You might also notice, that Nokia Suite doesn't anymore run the MPlatform.exe process - we've removed that from our architecture. You'll see MPlatform.exe still running, if you have Nokia Ovi Player installed on the same PC
Of course, new Nokia Suite 3.2 contains lots more new stuff, huge amount of different errors have been corrected and also many crash issues have been resolved
From Nokia Betalabs

Globe's BlackBerry MAX for prepaid and postpaid now only P599 for 1 month

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BlackBerry MAX is Globe Telecom's all-in unlimited data service (mobile internet service) for blackberry handset users. BB MAX is both offered on prepaid and postpaid subscribers with as little as P50 that is valid for 1 day up to P599 for 30 days.

This is just a promo and will last until Dec 31, 2011.

From Globe

Areas covered by Smart's mobile internet (4g aka HSPA+) network

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Here is a list of areas in Metro Manila that is covered by Smart's HSPA+ (4g) mobile internet using their Rocket plug-it dongle.  To view the the complete list of area covered by Smart network go to to HSPA+ Cellsites on Smart's website

Just to give everyone an overview of Rocket plug-it prepaid broadband
  • it has speed that is up to 12 mbps
  • runs on HSPA+ (4g)
  • is the fastest prepaid broadband kit in the Philippines (as claimed by Smart)

Metro Manila
Caloocan City:

  • Caloocan City – Along A. Mabini St. from C3 Road down to Dimasalang in Maypajo
  • Caloocan City – South of Sangandaan and along A. Mabini and Dagat-dagatan Avenue down to Tanigue St.; from Tuna St. in Maypajo across D. Aquino in Grace Park
  • Caloocan City – A. Mabini between Sangandaan and C3 Road, and across Cordero St. in Grace Park
  • Caloocan City – Morning Breeze Subdivision, Mariano Ponce St. at Balintawak Estate Subdivision
  • Caloocan City – Brgy. 36 Maypajo, Macabalo St. and part of Brgy. 37; part of Brgy. 33, Avellana St., Maliklik Ext. and Lakambini St.; Guido 1 and 2 St., Mariano St. and Juan Luna St.


  • Manila City – Brgy. 185, Brgy. 181, Juan Luna St., J Luna Int St., Pampanga St., Bulacan St., part of Brgy. 161 and 173; Pampanga St., Tirso Cruz St.
  • Manila City – Brgy. 217 and 213. Cjm M. Vicente St., Antipolo St., Molave St., Laguna St., part of Brgy 228

Smart LahatTxt unli 25 now has free mobile internet , shakes up Globe's SuperUnli All txt promo

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Update : There is a new Unli25 promo of smart, visit this post

From the original Smart LAHATXT Unli  , Smart has able to come up with , for me personally (read on to know why), a better promo than Globe's Super Unli All text promo. Now why is it better for me, check out the difference

Unlimited Text to all networks
10 mins Smart to Smart calls
25mb consumable data
to register text LTU25 to 2266

Globe SuperUnliAllTxt

Unlimited Text to all networks
10 mins Globe to Globe calls
1hr mobile internet
to register text UALLPLUS25 to 8888

Actually it comes down on how you intend to use your mobile internet. For me,i use my mobile internet (the free time i get from promos) to check my social network account, if i will be using the mobile internet for extensive use I usually apply or register for Unlimited Data plans like SuperSurf 50.

World of Midgard–a 3d online rpg game for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android


Demo of the game

This is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that will be playable on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (2nd to latest gen) and some Android phones (we need to clear this first). It is still on beta testing phase and according to WoM this game will be free to play, and i guess will be supported by in-game/app premium item purchases like other F2P online games out there. Sign up for beta testing at

From World of Midgard

Developments doesn’t stop, MS apps are coming to symbian phones

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Nokia and Microsoft announced that they will deliver a series of updates call Microsoft Apps to Symbian Belle phones.

You’ll be happy to hear that during the fourth quarter of this year you’ll be able to start up the Software Update app from within your phone – This confirms that Belle is really coming in at 4th quarter of this year

Here is the list of free apps that you should expect this 4th quarter:

  • Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Mobile – for cost efficient IM, presence, audio and web meetings on-the-go
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® Broadcast – quick broadcast of presentations directly from PC to mobile.
  • Microsoft® OneNote™ – rich note taking with images. Syncs with Microsoft® SkyDrive®. Microsoft® Document Connection – single view to documents stored on mobile, including email attachments as well as documents on Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 sites.

And the following on 2012

  • Microsoft OneNote sync with SharePoint (in addition to SkyDrive) as well as adding Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as native applications for the first time outside the Windows platform.


From Nokia Conversations

Sun Cellular SMS Add-on 199 on post paid plans : For only 199 get 1000 text to other networks for valid for 3 months

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Register by texting

ADDON 199 to 2786


From Sun Cellular

Blackberry playbook and phone bundle from Globe

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Sun has its own offering too.

update: Looks like the page from sun cellular is now removed.


The playbook

Performance-grade power in an ultra-portable tablet—that's the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

Get effortless, real-time multitasking capability with the new BlackBerry® Tablet OS, backed up by an amazingly fast 1GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM.

See everything that the web has to offer with Adobe® Flash 10.2 and HTML5 support, just like you would when browsing with a desktop or notebook computer.

Experience HD entertainment on the go, displayed on a high-resolution 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, and supplemented with rich stereo sound quality.

Other features:

• 5MP rear-facing camera and 3MP front-facing camera

• Video chat support

• BlackBerry® Bridge – for viewing your BlackBerry® smartphone content on your PlayBook™

• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI support

• Apps from BlackBerry® App World

• Up to 10 hours of battery life


Here is a video demo from BlackBerry


From Globe

HP Pavilion Dm1 gets to 2nd generation with new design

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Back in May 2011, we posted an article on why we selected HP dm1z as the laptop for our budget range and needs. In less than a year, another update on this fresh line of notebook is surfaces.

Here is an image of the new dm1 from engadget
Here is an image of the 1st gen dm1z

As you can see on the images above, there's a shift between a glossy plastic lid to a "SoftTouch -- a rubber coating that masks fingerprints and doesn't reflect light" (according to engadget).

 Getting the performance boost out of the way, it'll now be offered with an ultra-low voltage Core i3 processor, while the Fusion options now include the E-300 and E-450 chips (until now, it's been sold with the E-350). The AMD versions will start at $399 with the Core i3 model fetching $599 and up.- Engadget

With a better performance than the first gen and same price range, I think we are going to have another member of wifi devices at home once this baby gets loose. You can play games on this laptop :)

Check the post from Engadget now available for Symbian^1 5th edition and Symbian^3

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Before we only have Fring and Nimbuzz, came whatsapp and now the infamous (a multi protocol) instant messaging client is available for symbian smart phones.

  • Stay connected to your friends on all the protocols imo supports: AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Hyves, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Steam Chat, VKontakte and Yahoo. 
  • See all your friends from all your accounts in one place. 
  • View all your active chats to quickly switch between conversations
  • A single login for all your IM accounts. imo lets you link all of your instant messaging accounts. When you log into a linked account, you will automatically be logged into all of the accounts you have linked.
  • Log in to imo's Nokia app even if you are logged in on your computer. imo allows you to be signed on from multiple devices at once.

From via my nokia blog

SPB Shell 3d demo for Symbian on N8

SPB Shell 3D is the world's most popular paid mobile application that allows users optimize their mobile phone to their personal needs. Watch this video to get introduced to the next generation mobile user interface that makes your Symbian experience more rich and effective.

You can purchase this application at

Most users care less about underlying changes of their phones OS. They just want a fresh look and experience - Symbian Belle UI hands on

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I went to a party last week and i've met an old friend of mine who just bought a Nokia N8 and is just an ordinary phone user (not the techie ones). He asked me, "are there any upcoming updates" and i said, "yup. in fact i already downloaded a new revision of Symbian OS, name Anna". I showed him my phone and told him the changes. Do you know what he said?

"Ahh basta, turuan mo na lang ako kung paano yan ilagay next time" , in english "just instruct me how to install that update, pro'lly next time".

When i told him again, "And there is an upcoming update that will revamp the UI of symbian to match or become at par with android". That's the time he became excited. "Gusto ko nun , gusto ko nun. Meron na ba nun?" which means "I want that, i want that. Is it already out?".

That is a realization again for me, normal phone users don't care much about the changes going on with the operating system. Most of them just care about how the phone looks or the experience of the phone as they use it.

In fact there are also instances where in people borrows my phone , looks at it, and they feel like lost with the menus and apps (they're more familiar with android or iOS) - which is understandable. They look at symbian as ugly boring OS. They become amazed only once i show them what can i do with my phone such as

Advance things such as
Using camera on rainy days , macro shots , underwater pics and video
torrent downloading client
Wifi hotspot using Joikuspot application
Stream music using the built-in transmitter (helpful on old cars that only have radio receivers and no CD or MP3 player)
Edit pictures and videos on the phone itself
Watch videos on HDTV using the built it HDMI slot
Read usb storage devices using USB-on-the-go feature
Offline turn by turn mapping navigation with voice guidance [2]

Simpler things like
Power  a usb-fan

and more (by the way, my current phone is Nokia N8)

Anyway, just watch the demo of the newest upcoming update for Symbian, the symbian belle. Cheers

Nokia 100 and 101 - the latest single and dual sim s30 phones

Nokia 100
Nokia announces two new hot phones, the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101. Both are running S30 (this is the first time i heard this symbian version). The two phones are very much the same except that the Nokia 101 has a dual sim capability,an mp3 player, support for expandable memory (up to 16gb). They are both targetted for developing markets and thus can reach 25 days on standby, or 6.7 hours in talktime.
Nokia 101

Both phone also have the following feature:
3.5mm earphone jack
FM Radio
Support for 5 different address book and personalisation of up to 5 different SIM cards
128 x 160 pixels (1.8" TFT 65k display)

The price point will be around P1,500 for Nokia 101 and P1,200 for Nokia 100.

Read the press release after the break

Logitech Joystick for iPad - add precision to your iOS games

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Looks like this item is made for N.O.V.A (looks at screenshot), good thing i'm currently addicted to this game

Me and a couple of friends have been looking the perfect pair of bluetooth keyboard and mouse for our iPad's to be able to play games more decently (which we haven't found yet). Onscreen controls are fine but sometimes can be frustrating if your fingers are kinda sticky or when they go out of the virtual control's range of input.

Logitech outs Joystick for Ipad. It's plastic joystick that attaches to your iPad's screen using suction cups. You can now play games with directional buttons with better experiences.

Airplay mirroring demo from iPad 2 using iOS 5 beta 6

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Look how wireless streaming of iPad 2 to an HDtv is done.

If your TV doesnt not support AirPlay, then you will need a device that can receive data via Airplay such as Apple TV.

Nokia is up to something on August 24, 2011

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In less than 2 days, Nokia will be announcing something. Im pretty sure it will not be about Symbian Anna cause its officially released last week. Speculation about Belle being launched on Wed can be a possibility but isn't it too early?

My personal guess would be the introduction of the 1ghz phones such as Zeta. Or how about Swipe UI implementation on Symbian? hehe.

from Nokia Facebook page

Fusion Garage outs Grid 10 and Grid 4 with Grid OS (new tablet and phone)

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Fusion Garage releases a new competitor on tablet (previously known as JooJoo project which we though was dead) and mobile phone market, the Grid 10 (10" display tablet) and Grid 4 (4" display mobile phone) using Grid OS.

GridOS user interface is fresh and intuitive. Its grid layout is fluid, easy to use and unique compared to any other device. User interface innovations extend across all its functionalities. Even the way you interact with a volume dial has been rethought and delivered.

What sets this device apart from the current market is that both the tablet and the mobile phone has buttonless design and uses Grid OS as the operating system. Grid OS is an Android kernel with Grid UI on top so basically android apps are compatible in these two devices as well.

Globe's Improved SuperUnliAllTxt25 Promo (now with 10 mins of call)

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I recently posted the same promo about a month ago and now Globe made the promo even better. For the same P25 pesos, you will now get 10 mins of call to Globe/TM on top of the original Unlimited Texts to all networks and 1 hour of mobile internet that is valid for 1 day.

Been using this for several days already, pardon for the late post.

To register

Just text UALLPLUS25 to 8888

This promo is until September 30, 2011 only.

Demo of the leaked Belle update installed on N8

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Thinking of flashing my N8 with Belle but I'm kind of afraid since i dont have a replacement phone in case my N8 get bricked :P

How to use Gmail's Free texting/sms to Smart , Sun and Globe

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You can send SMS messages to your contacts’ mobile phones using Gmail Chat. To do so from Gmail:

  1. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search or invite friends’ box in Chat, and select Send SMS from the box of options that appears to the right of your contact’s name. Or, if you already have a Chat window open for this contact, just click Options, and select Send SMS.
  2. In the dialog box, enter a phone number in the ‘Send SMS messages to this number’ field.
  3. Click Save.
  4. A Chat window appears. Just type your message as you would normally. When you hit Enter, the message will be sent to the phone number you entered. 

Tested sending a message from gmail

Blackberry Playbook and Mobile Phone bundle from Sun Cellular

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Sun is giving 4 options for Blackberry users that are interested also with PlayBook. Take note that BlackBerry Playbook will be better when paired with blackbery handset as the user will be able to reply to email or send messages from the tablet when connected to the mobile phone.
Sun Offers the Blackberry Mobile phone and Playbook bundle on Plan 999, Elite Plan 1500, Elite Plan 2500 and Elite Plan 3500.

Mobile phones available for selections are Curve 8520 (why no Curve 9300, its way much better), Bold 9700 and Torch 9800.

From Sun Cellular

To learn more about Playbook visit

Boxee for ipad now available on iTunes / App Store

Boxee works great on PC and set top boxes, letting you watch premium videos from internet (with partners such as MLB, Netflix, NHL, Vudu and Pandora) and now you can stream this contents to and from your iPad and other boxee enabled device.
Video from you and your friends - all in one place that goes anywhere.
Boxee for iPad brings videos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your computer all onto your ipad so you can find and watch new videos or favorites on the train, in bed, on the couch, on the john, during boring conversation, on the patio, from the roof deck, in an abandoned bunker, on the side of a mountain....
Learn more about Boxee for iPad here
Download from iTunes

Globe now supports Free Facebook via java App

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Contrary to my previous post "Facebook for Globe and Smart free for 90 days [tried on globe not free]"  I mentioned that Globe stated that
Hi! We don't offer a free access to Facebook
Well now it looks like Globe will be supporting this joint venture from Facebook after all.

I tried texting FB to 2910 (even twice) but didn't get any reply from Globe.

Has anyone tried this one also? Does it work for you?

Facebook for Globe and Smart free for 90 days [tried on globe not free]

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If you access Facebook using a mobile device, chances are you will be seeing a page similar to this. Now, while Sun Cellular has for quite sometime already, facebook is claiming that Smart and Globe subscribers too can enjoy free facebook access by downloading a java app(previously snaptu) from them.

Bummer, tried it earlier on my Nokia N8 (java enabled phone) using Globe as service provider. My load has been deducted by 5 pesos (i'm on prepaid by the way). Confused, i tried searching for answers on the internet while on the move. Found a post from CTB.

Here is what Globe told CTB

Hi! We don't offer a free access to Facebook. We have a recent promo which ended last June 30, 2011 Super Facebook. You can register to SuperSurf to access the internet and social sites like Facebook: SUPERSURF gives you unlimited access to the Internet.

I saw the webpage you sent. Thank you for bringing this up. The promo you mentioned is not official. Globe promotions are announced and made known to the public through advertisements such as print-ads in major daily newspapers, posters in our Business Centers and authorized dealers, radio and television advertisements, letters or text broadcasts. DTI authority oversees any promo that Globe Telecom may have. Thank you.
Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Update: I tried using Myglobe connect settings but the java application wasnt able to connect o internet. (source: )

Has anyone tried this on smart?

video: The new iPhone 5 product video [funny]

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It's invisible! What a great piece of technology :)

Jailbreak iPad for iOS 4.3.5 using Redsn0w (no support for iPad 2 yet)

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Here are some pointers about the how to

  • Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 only supports a tethered jailbreak, which means that you need to connect your iOS device to the computer on every reboot.
  • If you've jailbroken your iPhone then you can use jailbreak apps such as AptBackup, PkgBackup or xBackup from Cydia to take a backup of all the jailbreak apps and tweaks so you can reinstall them easily after successfully jailbreaking your iPhone rather then installing them individually.
  • Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 doesn't support iPad 2.

To learn the step by step procedure, visit this blog post How To Jailbreak iPad 1 Using Redsn0w For iOS 4.3.5 [Windows / Mac].

From Iphone Hacks

I'm a co-writer on another website

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Video leak of a working sea ray phone (Nokia N9 like Windows Phone 7)

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What I noticed is that :
Like N9, the face front has no buttons. back, menu and search buttons are virtual.
Camera button is present
Impressive viewing angle

(according to Mashable, this video is taken on some factory in china)

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Smart's Smartalk unli call and text to smart/talk n text for P25, P50 and P100 a day


Smart's Smartalk Unli Call and Text has 3 variation, P25, P50 and P100. The difference is in the validity of the promo subscription where in P25 will only have 1 day of unlimited call and text to Smart/Talk n Text/Red Mobile, while P50 will have 2 days and P100 will have 3 days (this is the most cost effective variant).

Smartalk Unlicall and Text 25 
1 day unlimited call and text to Smart/Talk n Text/Red
P25 to register
Just text
UNLI25 to 6406

Smartalk Unlicall and Text 50 
2 days unlimited call and text to Smart/Talk n Text/Red
P50 to register
Just text
UNLI50 to 6406

Smartalk Unlicall and Text 100
4 days unlimited call and text to Smart/Talk n Text/Red
P100 to register
Just text
UNLI100 to 6406

This is from Smart Buddy so I supposed that this is only available for prepaid subscribers.

From Smart Buddy

Smart's LAHATtxt Unli , text all network for P25 a day

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Similar to Globe's SuperUnliAlltxt 25 without the free mobile internet. Still, this is a good promo from Smart.

Just text
LTU25 to 2266

This promo will run from July 15, 2011 until November 30, 2011 only.

From Smart

Globe's SuperUnliAllTxt25 gives you Unlimited text to all network and 1 hour of mobile internet

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This is Globe's latest and biggest offer for prepaid subscribers. Text all local network unlimited, plus another 1 hour of mobile internet for only P25 a day. (Smart came up with a similar promo as well)

Just text
UALL25 to 8888

Promo runs from July 16 to September 30, 2011.

Visit Globe website to learn more about this promo

iPad and iPad 2 pictures, size comparison and benchmark

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iPad 2 (left) and iPad (right)
iPad's screen is a bit dimmer because of
the installed screen protector

iPad 2 is really thin compared to iPad, almost 50% thinner based
on the picture above

more pictures below

Ovi Maps is now Nokia maps, beta version available for download

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bigger icons for easier navigation

After the announcement of Nokia partnering with Microsoft and making Windows Phone 7 OS its primary OS for newer smartphones, Nokia also rebranded Ovi services to Nokia Services. That is why the latest versions of Ovi maps is now called Nokia Maps.

A beta version of the new Nokia maps can be downloaded on Nokia Betalabs with new user interface.

Swipe navigation maybe coming to Symbian Belle

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Hold on to your S^3 handsets a little longer because it looks like Meego-Harmattan's (Nokia N9) Swipe UI will be coming to Symbian Belle (excited much!).

A tipster from My Nokia Blog spotted a document on regarding symbian design guideline that talks about integration of new UI model for symbian post Anna utilizing Qt Quick components.

Symbian releases after Anna will introduce a number of changes in the design and user experience. Qt Quick components 1.0 for Symbian is the first implementation that follows the new Symbian design guidelines. By using Qt Quick components 1.0 for Symbian, applications will not only have a fresh new look, but will also comply with the evolving Symbian style.
I will be holding on to my N8 even if I buy a Nokia Windows Phone 7 in the future. Aside from N8's awesome camera, I'm also looking forward to Symbian belle's new UI even before information about Swipe's integration was heard.

From My Nokia Blog
From Developer.Nokia.Com

How to jailbreak (untethered) iPhone and iPad on iOS 4.3.3 using

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This is the first time I jailbreak an IOS device and was very skeptical at first, fearing i might get my gadget bricked. The first versions of jailbreaking software also uses a lot of steps and technical skills which make it very intimidating to do,  but after several reading of guides and reviews, i finally got the courage to try it on my week old iPad 2.

Without further ado, here are the steps I did: 
These steps are also applicable to iPhones and iPod touches
1. Just visit using safari browser of the device you want to jailbreak. In my case, I used safari browser of my iPad 2.
the free/install button will not appear if you are not using safari
and an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
2. Click the Free button, it will change into Install button (similar to App Store's behavior when installing apps).
3. A download will begin and cydia will be installed on your app menu. Once Cydia is install, your iPad is now considered jailbroken and you can now do more magical things like installing apps not allowed by Apple on its app store or features and functionalities not available to basic iOS versions like custom themes and wireless sharing of 3g connection.

Smart's LAHATxt 30 and 20 combo, free text to all networks and smart to smart call

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update for LAHATxt 30

LAHATxt 30 combo - P30.00
300 texts to all networks + 20 minutes consumable calls to SMART/TNT/red Mobile, VALID FOR 2 DAYS

to register just
text L30 to 2266

LAHATxt 20 combo - P20.00
250 texts to all networks + 10 minutes consumable calls to SMART/TNT/red mobile, VALID FOR 1 DAY

to register just
text L30 to 2266

From Smart

Gravity Guy HD for iPad is free for limited time only

Hurry and download it while its free. :)

Rumor: iPhone 5 will be assembled on August 2011

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Apple will begin production of fifth-generation iPhones in August ahead of a projected late third quarter launch, according to intelligence obtained by by one investment banker's recent trip to Taiwan .

From Apple Insider

Tips on how to take beautiful N8 still pictures and videos

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This slide provides tips not only on improving the N8 camera's capabilities. I'll enumerate some
- To save battery, turn off "Save Location info"
- Use hand to minimize lens flare
- Extreme close-ups can be achieve using close-up lens
- Place bright areas on the center frame whenever possible to compensate for the exposure
- Use 2x or 3x zoom with no loss in sharpness
- When using steady cams or tripods, turn off video stabilization

and more so be sure to read the whole slide

From N8 Imaging and Video Tips

Nokia C2-02 Touch and Type slider phone

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Nokia C2-02 is a single SIM version with a similar feature set, as well as push messaging options and a broad range of IM providers included. C2-02 is very similar to C2-03 except that it is not a Dual SIM phone.

The specs
2.6" 240 x 360 px TFT resistive touchscreen
10 mb internal storage, expandable up to 32gb microSD
Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP
2mp camera
FM Radio
S40 touch & Type variant

And even though this phone is running on S40, Nokia is giving this phone access to a great internet experience via Nokia Browser (also known as Ovi Browser Beta). Nokia Maps for Series 40 is also coming with this phone and will be using triangulation method due to the absence of A-GPS or Integrated GPS

Dual Standby 'Dual Standby' is a neat trick that means you can receive call notification or messages on either SIM and even switch between the two SIM easily. The great thing about Dual Standby is that you can be using one SIM and the other will still accept messages and calls -

This phones is set as a mid-range level at estimated retail price of $105 or around P4.5k - P5k. You might be wondering why it is est priced the same as C2-03, me too. I believe this will be cheaper by around P500-P1000 pesos.

Nokia C2-03 Dual SIM Touch and Type slider phone

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The Nokia C2-03, the third Dual SIM phone Nokia has brought to market in the past month, comes with Nokia’s unique Dual SIM capabilities. These include features that allow the user to personalize up to five SIM cards with a dedicated look and feel, and an Easy Swap option that lets users change SIM cards in seconds without having to turn off the phone or remove the battery.

The specs
2.6" 240 x 360 px TFT resistive touchscreen
10 mb internal storage, expandable up to 32gb microSD
Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP
2mp camera
FM Radio
S40 touch & Type variant

And even though this phone is running on S40, Nokia is giving this phone access to a great internet experience via Nokia Browser (also known as Ovi Browser Beta). Nokia Maps for Series 40 is also coming with this phone and will be using triangulation method due to the absence of A-GPS or Integrated GPS.

Dual Standby 'Dual Standby' is a neat trick that means you can receive call notification or messages on either SIM and even switch between the two SIM easily. The great thing about Dual Standby is that you can be using one SIM and the other will still accept messages and calls -

This phones is set as a mid-range level at estimated retail price of $105 or around P4.5k - P5k.

Symbian Anna to come on July & August, confused? Read to understand

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Symbian Anna is now coming to S^3 devices by July. Now lets clear things up, some people say that they will come by July, and some by August. Both statements are true in the sense that those devices that will be getting the Symbian Anna are those N8, C7, C6-01 and E7s that are shipping from Nokia manufacturing this July. Meaning the devices that we already own or already on the retail outlets today will get the update by August.

A month later is not that bad but why can't we have the update now when all other new device can. Maybe nokia is preventing unnecessary stress on the update servers while it is being used by the new phones that will be shipped starting July. I don't know.

Nokia N9 the round up - specs, features, videos

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The specs
3.9" Multi-touch Amoled touchscreen, 480 x 854px
1GHz Cortex A8 CPU, PowerVR SGX530 GPU, TI OMAP 3630 chipset
1gb of RAM
8mp autofocus carl zeiss optics with dual LED flash
Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, GPS
3G (HSDPA,HSUPA),Wlan 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, with EDR
MicroUSB 2.0 with USB-on-the-Go
MeeGo OS v1.2 Harmattan
micro SIM

Whats good
- All screen phone - no buttons on the front side, access menu and open apps using SWIPE .
- Gorilla glass, just like my Nokia N8, which doesn't require any screen protection
- Brand new interface that uses a lot of Swipe based gestures
- A new webkit 2 based browser with full HTML 5 support
- New version of Ovi Maps
- Built it Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital plus audio
- Polycarbonate unibody design, a scratch on the surface will not remove a paint/color
- 8 mp carl zeiss camera with HD video recording (although most new smartphones can do Full HD recording 1080p), plus features such as touch to focus, exposure lock and continuous auto-focus.

Whats bad 
I dont know yet, will update this once a get to read other reviews


Nokia N9 - The big introduction
Nokia N9 - MeeGo OS introduction
Nokia N9 - Design Story
Nokia N9 - UI hands on demo

N9 also is best partnered with Nokia Play 360, a portable bluetooth speaker with NFC and up to 20 hrs of playback.

Will constantly update this blog post.

To learn more about Nokia N9, visit