Samsung Galaxy S2 hands on

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Officially the world's thinnest smartphone to date, bigger, lighter and faster
Easier to type because of large 4.3" super amoled plus display
Revised home screen, you can easily move widgets from home screen to home screen
4 hubs are present: Game, Music, Readers and Social Hub
New TouchWiz 4.0 UI
8 megapixel camera with LED flash

From IntoMobile Youtube page

Voyager custom homescreen for S^3 by Voyager

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Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is the most powerful desktop UI on Nokia phones.Give you HTC Sense and iPhone style UI on S60 , and totally free!

Powerful home screen features include:
1) Beautiful big retro clock or analog clock
2) News feeds and weather
3) Put all your apps into neat pages to flick through ,like iPhone
4) one click on/off widgets: bluetooth, silent profile,phone lock.
5) send tweets from home screen

View the video below.

iPhone 5 rumors

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Rumored screen size of the next iPhone

Turn your iPhone or iPod's display to 3d using i3DG

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i3DG is a playful analog extension to an iPhone, converting its 2D display into a layered 3D view. Using the very old technique of placing a halfsilvered mirror at a 45-degree angle in front of an image, in a novel new context, the project serves as a timely critique of the popular memes of 3D displays and iPhones. As a gadget peripheral, i3DG can support a wide range of different applications, ranging from simple 3D videos and animations to accelerometerbased games.
The only downside though is for your to turn your iPhone's display to 3d, you have to clip on this big accessory infront of your device, and also, the image, movie or game should be split to 3 parts.

Griffin Extreme heavy duty "Survivor" iPhone 4 rugged case

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  • Fits iPhone 4 models from all carriers
  • Independently tested and certified to meet conditions outlined in US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810 and UK Department of Defense Def-Stan 00-35
  • Integral Display shield deflects Wind/Rain (Test: Up to 200 mm/hr for 1 hour)
  • Rigid internal frame protects from Shock/Drop (Test: Drop on flat concrete surface from 6'/1.8 m)
  • Sealed ports block Blown Sand/Dust (up to 18 m/sec for 1 hour)
  • Silicone cladding blocks vibration (18 hrs at 20-2000 Hz)
  • Multi-position clip attaches securely to pack strap or belt

Case is compatible to both versions of iPhone 4 (at&t and verizon).

Quite expensive at $49.99 or around P2,149.00, but I believe its worth it considering that you are protecting a P 40K worth of mobile phone.

View the video below to see what kind of physical abuse this case can stand and protect your iPhone.

Load up your love ones' globe phone internationally with MoneyGram

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MoneyGram – The Quick* Way to Load a Globe Prepaid & TM Cellphone
Affordable - Pay only $2.25 to load a Globe Prepaid or TM Cellphone.
Flexible - Choose the amount you load... $7.25, $12.00 or $24.00 USD.
Confirmed - Your loved ones receive a text message confirming the amount loaded.
Convenient - Load at thousands of U.S. MoneyGram agent locations near you.
Here is the simple steps to use MoneyGram to load globe phones:
1. Find any MoneyGram agent location near you by calling 1-800-926-9400 or clicking
2. Complete the ExpressPayment® service Blue Form or pickup the MoneyGram phone.
3. Choose your load amount (USD)
PHP300 Plan
$7.25† - Receive Code 6571

PHP500 Plan
$12.00† - Receive Code 7683

PHP1000 Plan
$24.00† - Receive Code 7684

Smart Double Deal 2 - get two phones not one

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Smart gives two deals that gets you two phones or laptops when you apply for a new postpaid plan.

Promo is until February 28, 2011 only and that is tomorrow.

Check out the options after the break

How to manually update Nexus One to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

Mac hack pc provided some few simple steps on how to update your beloved Google Nexus one phones to Android 2.3.3 aka Gingerbread

How to Manually Install Android 2.3.3 On Nexus One

Flexible plastic processor

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Fabricating the 25-micrometer-thick chip starts with a substrate made from polyethylene naphthalate—a plastic. ”You could compare it to the material that you use to wrap your sandwiches,” says Genoe. ”It’s very flexible.” On top, the team placed a 25-nanometer-thick layer of gold, patterned to make the circuit. Above that sits an organic dielectric, followed by a second patterned gold layer, and finally the organic semiconductor, made of pentacene.
This breakthrough could lead to more thinner, cheaper, lighter and exciter mobile products in the future. There are numerous number of use cases from car dashboards, to heads up displays, environment monitors to mass consumer devices such as e-books and mobile phones.

Via Inhabitat

HTC Desire HD video preview - what you can do with it

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Has a sleek exterior that is crafted in a single piece of aluminum
Has 4.3" high resolution Super LCD display
Has 8mp dual LED flash camera and 720p HD camcorder
Has complete internet experience with adobe flash
Has access to more books online, with quick lookup™
Has photo editing effects
Has social integration on different website such as facebook, flicker, youtube and more
Has DLNA - wireless multimedia sharing
Has Locations™ , maps are downloaded on the devices and with turn by turn navigation

View the full video after the break

iPad iOS 4.3 MultiTouch Gestures - new gesture to go back to homescreen

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You can see from the video below that a four finger pinch to zoom will act like pressing the home button. I believe that this gesture will only be useful on iPads since other iDevices have smaller screen to accommodate all five fingers simultaneously.

SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel stylish rugged iPhone case

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Our latest generation of protection solution for your iPhone 3G / 3GS.
With the release of CapsuleRebel™ being a huge success, we though it was just about time to offer you a little something extra. Introducing CapsuleRebel M™ with its unique specially coated, ergonomic spine structure and its awesome menacing looks, we think CapsuleRebel M™ has truly raised the bar in case design.

UltraFrame™ hard protection system
Unique mix material Ultra Hybrid design
Revolutionary special material ADSP to protect the delicate finish or your iPhone
Complete protection for your iPhone

Read more to see the pictures for iPhone 4 and 3g/3gs

Nokia C2-01 - latest affordable 3g enabled phone for P4,950

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Image taken from
Nokia C2-01

Nokia C2-01 is a small but more feature pack compared to Nokia X2-01. The main difference between C2 and X2 is that the C2 has 3g connection (lets discuss this later) and X2 has only GPRS, and, X2 has a QWERTY keypad while C2 has the classic t9 keypad format.

Technical specs
240 x 320 px , 2" display
43mb storage, expandable up to 16gb using microsd cards
3.2mp, 2048 x 1536 pixels
Stereo FM with RDS
MP3 player
3.5mm stero jack

Just like any typical s40 phone from nokia, this phone is simple yet functional. It can basically call and text contacts. Capture 3.2mp images using the camera on its back (dont expect too much from this though). Play MP3 files or even stero FM. It also has bluetooth which can be used to transfer files conveniently or use other bluetooth pheriperals such as wireless headset/headphones easily. BUT, the main selling point of this device is the 3g connection. Don't be confused though, that 3g necessarily means fast. Although this device sports a 3g connectivity, it doesnt support HSPA/HSDPA which are able to download at 1mbps or more. The maximum download speed this phone can achieve is around 384kbps.

For the record, 384kbps bandwidth is more than enough to handle mobile sites but don't plan on using this phone as a modem and then tethering it to laptop or other computers. Since the max speed it can get is around 384kbps (and the market benchmark = 500kbps), there's no problem dealing with small pages such as it will be painfully slow to visit website such as engadget and other slow loading sites not optimized for mobile consumption.

Read more about the press release below

Sun Cellular's Superloaded "I like" - their answer to globe's super free weekends

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Reading the description of the promo, it's clearly the answer of Sun Cellular to one of the Globe Telecom's newest promo - the Globe Super Free weekends.

The promo is simple to use, just load 25, 100 , 150 or 450 worth of prepaid credits and freebies will be automatically added.
  • If you load 25 pesos, you'll get 10 free texts to other networks and 30 minutes of mobile internet (valid for 1 day).
  • If you load 100 pesos, you'll get 80 free texts to other networks and 30 minutes of mobile internet (valid for 1 day).
  • If you load 150 pesos, you'll get 100 free texts to other networks, additional 25 pesos regular load (its up to you how you're gonna use it) and 30 minutes of mobile internet  (valid for 1 day).
  • If you load 450 pesos, you'll get an additional 50 pesos regular load (its up to you how you're gonna use it) and 30 minutes of mobile internet  (valid for 5 day).

* the validity or expiry days mentioned on this posts only applies to the freebies, the regular load still retains their normal expiry periods.

to activate just text
CTU <denomination> to 247
sample, if you're planning to use the 1 day unlimited , just text
CTU 25 to 247
* Until June 30, 2011

Sun Cellular Great Blackberry Deal 999 - Unlimited sun to sun and mobile internet

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Subscribe to the Great BlackBerry Deal 999 to enjoy Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Calls and Texts, Unlimited Mobile Internet, FREE 3 months of Unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service and get the BlackBerry Curve 8520 for only P2,000.

Deal 1: (the main deal) 
For 999 pesos per month and a 1 time fee of 2000 pesos, you'll get a BlackBerry 8820 handset , unlimited sun-to-sun calls and text, unlimited mobile internet, and 3 months of unlimited blackberry internet services.

Deal 2: (flexible bb internet services for prepaid and post paid)
BBIS unlimited 1 day for 50 pesos
text BB1DAY to 247

BBIS unlimited 3 days for 125 pesos
text BB3DAY to 247

BBIS unlimited 7 days for 300 pesos
text BB7DAY to 247

BBIS unlimited 30 days for 1000 pesos
text BB30DAY to 247

* for postpaid subscribers, charge will be on top of your plan.

Archos 7o 7" Internet tablet - this is not a phone unlike galaxy tab

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Slim and light Android™ internet tablet
At home and on the go. The slim and light design of the ARCHOS 70 internet tablet makes it both portable and generous for sharing your best moments with your family and friends. All the functions of a computer: your apps, the Internet, your photos, music and videos, eBooks and 3D games.

S^3 gets new UI

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  • gives it a much more sleek, fresh and youthful look.
  • a more flexible home screen
  • easier software update experience
  • due to be available in the second and third quarter of 2011
  • we still have the PR 2.0 firmware to come before (expected end of Q1 2011)

Read the details on N8Geeks

Eee PC 1008P (Seashell Karim Rashid Collection) - netbook for the chic

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Elegant Techno-chic Digi-wave design by Karim Rashid
Innovative soft-to-the-touch finish smooth the sense of touching
Ultra slim at just 1" and lightweight at a mere 1.12kg
Dual OS: Boots up almost instantly with Express Gate
6 hours* of unplugged computing with ASUS Super Hybrid Engine

Intel disappointed with Nokia's strategy, still backs MeeGo

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While we are disappointed with Nokia’s decision, Intel is not blinking on MeeGo. We remain committed and welcome Nokia’s continued contribution to MeeGo open source.

Our strategy has always been to provide choice when it comes to operating systems, a strategy that includes Windows, Android, and MeeGo. This is not changing.

MeeGo is not just a phone OS, it supports multiple devices. And we’re seeing momentum across multiple segments – automotive systems, netbooks, tablets, set-top boxes and our Intel silicon will be in a phone that ships this year.

While Nokia , slightly not-abandoning MeeGo project, and with very little support for interested developers now for smartphone apps, Intel is still decided to go on with the project. Since MeeGo is not just a phone OS, even without nokia, the development will still continue as it (MeeGo) penetrates automotive system, netbooks, tablets, and set-top boxes.

Nokia still plans on releasing a MeeGo product later this year.

The features of s^3 that i wanted to see on a Windows Phone

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Of course this article won't include things that are already mentioned by Nokia-Microsoft such as ovi maps etc.

1. Optimized for multi-tasking
S^3 devices even with less powerful processor and small amount of memory, can handle multiple load of running application. This is one of the reason why I always buy symbian smartphones. I can't close my messenger, browser, music player playing in the background while i'm playing games just when someone texts me.

2. USB-on-the-go
This is a nifty feature, it saved me a lot of times such as:
a. Copying contents from other devices without needing a pc or laptop
b. Recharge my other phone
c. Recharge my bluetooth headset
d. It can even power USB fan

3. Memory card support
standard 16gb on board storage are not enough these days.

Its HD era. This is a must.

5. Easy to customize
Create personal themes, re arrange home screen widgets

6. Powerful file manager
Easily manages file , supports also compressed zip files.

7. Multimedia extras such as image and video editor, web tv, flash (im not sure though if there is a flash support on windows phone 7 already), internet radio

8. copy-paste
Smartphones must have copy and paste (plus cut too)

9. Mass storage and bluetooth file transfers
Windows phone 7 does not support this yet, im not sure with bluetooth file transfer though. I need mass storage to just simply copy videos or pictures or use my phone as a backup of files.

10. FM transmitter
This is hardware specific though, is not a necessity for most people but me. I've been using this on my friend's car that doesn't support bluetooth music streaming. and also on cars that has bluetooth streaming support but is really hard to pair with bluetooth devices.

How about you, what features do you want to see?

What will happen to symbian? meego? Now that windows phone wil be there major platform

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I was able to inquire to a Nokia representative about the plan for S^3 and Meego. Read the answers below
At some unspecified point in time, Windows Phone will displace Symbian inside Nokia but we have 200 million existing Symbian users and target sales of approximately 150 million more. We do no know exactly when the last Symbian device will ship or be sold but we will continue to modernize the Symbian experience with a selective programme of enhancements and we will launch more devices on the Symbian platform.
Q: What will happen to S^3 UI update? Will Nokia still be providing updates for S^3 devices:
A: We will continue to leverage the value of Symbian as we build our Windows Phone business. We will continue to modernize the Symbian experience with a selective programme of enhancements and we will launch more devices on the Symbian platform.

Q: What will happen to MeeGo?
A: We will transition the MeeGo open source project to focus on exploration of future platform disruptions and next generation devices, platforms and user experiences. We expect to deliver a MeeGo-related device later this year but that device is best defined as an 'opportunity to learn'.

In other words, symbian will be killed, but in a distant future(I believe they still want to get the ROI for symbian). while MeeGo will continue as a experimental and innovation rich platform.

WTF! Nokia embraces Windows phone 7, symbian still continues on the next few years, meego to be open source

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And another reason why i'm telling you that Android won't work for Nokia... Read the press release below

  • Plans for a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft to build a new global mobile ecosystem; Windows Phone would serve as Nokia's primary smartphone platform.
  • Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, Nokia would help drive the future of the platform by leveraging its expertise on hardware optimization, software customization, language support and scale.
  • Nokia's application and content store would be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace
  • Symbian becomes a franchise platform, leveraging previous investments to harvest additional value
  • MeeGo becomes an open-source, mobile operating system project. MeeGo will place increased emphasis on longer-term market exploration of next-generation devices, platforms and user experiences.

Why Android won't work for Nokia

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Speculations of Nokia jumping ship to android is quickly propagating throughout the internet because of Stephen Elop's corporate memo. Well, i still have some few reasons why that would happen. Check out the list below.

Image taken from

Nokia updates Ovi store app

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The new version is v2.00.10025 (4.7mb) and has the following update:
1. Support for full arabic language
2. QT based application support, without the need of installing QT runtime

Smart Bro what a wonderful world tv commercial

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Sun's BlackBerry Internet Service Unlimited for Prepaid and Postpaid

Post Paid

Plan 999 - Unlimited Blackberry Service 
includes unlimited Blackberry service, unlimited mobile internet and unlimited call & text to Sun subscribers

or you can choose
BlackBerry Data Add-on Plans instead, this are paid on top of your current postpaid plan.

Or you can register for blackberry services anytime you want with

Pre Paid/Post Paid
BB1DAY - 1 day unlimited for P50
BB3DAY - 3 day unlimited for P125
BB7DAY - 1 week unlimited for P250
BB3DAY - 1 month unlimited for P1000

send to 386

Learn More about the Sun Cellular's BlackBerry Internet Services

Android Apps can run on non-android devices with Myriad's Alien Dalvik

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With Myriad's Alien Dalvik cross-platform system, android apps are getting to much wider audience. The goal of Alien Dalvik to be able to seamlessly run android application on non-android devices (MeeGo, S^3, iOS, WP7, BADA, BB OS). The company will be launching the product to MeeGo devices this 2011, and will continue to add more supported OS in its portfolio on the coming months. This product will be demo'ed using Nokia N900 with MeeGo installed on Mobile World Congress 2011 next week.

New macbook pro shows up on best buy's inventory system

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The Macbook Pro line of products is getting a bit outdated since the last refresh was April 2010 (unibody). Apple is known to be refreshing its product every 1 year and the macbook pro will not be an exemption.

Image from
One great evidence that a new macbook pro is coming is due to the dummy SKU shown on Best Buy's inventory system. Another would be the depleting stock of the product (supplies are becoming short because the manufacturer is not shipping new products anymore). If you're going to launch a new set of product, its only logical to clear up your inventory from the old one to give space for the new one .

How to take beautiful macro shots using Nokia N8

Taking a macro photography with nokia n8 is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose the Macro settings and then shoot your objects in focus. BUT, globeinfiniti knows a technique to capture even better macro pics that he/she shares in his/her blog. Been using this trick since i learned it.

Learn how to take beautiful macro shots as illustrated by globeinfiniti

Nokia E6 leaked pictures

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It is speculated that this device will have a touch and type screen. Although 8mp EDoF camera is evident.

From Engadget

PR1.1 for Nokia N8 now released for Philippine users

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Open your Ovi Suites and head directly to the Software updates tab because just now, PR 1.1 in form of software version 013.016 is now available for download.

The update consists of:
-Performance Improvements
-Update on S^3 applications
-Stability improvements as well.

Globe Tattoo Surf and Txt 60 - unlimited mobile internet and SMS for 1 day

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Alodia Gosiengfiao

Globe tattoo now offers Surf and txt 60. For only P60 you'll get unlimited mobile internet and text/sms (to other globe subscribers) for 1 day.

just text SURFTXT60 to 8888

You might also be interested on the behind the scene pictures of the globe tattoo photoshoot from

Via Hihey

Wild wild west-ern theme update for Angry Birds on iOS and Android

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Angry Birds  recently got an update from Rovio Mobile (its developers) for the android and IOS versions. Android got 30 new levels while iOS got 15 new levels since this update has already been available to iOS devices few weeks ago.  Included also on the update is 1 unlockable level with a secret code that will be shown on a superbowl ad for Rio.
Image from Mashable
Via Mashable

How to get FaceTime on iPad

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You can now enable facetime for ipad, but its a 1 way facetime, since iPad does not have a built in camera and mic. This tutorial is not for the faint-hearted though. I've read the site and i can't even understand a thing haha.

Warmux - a free platform game for S^3 and windows (worms clone)

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image taken from
WarMUX - free game, made in the image of Worms (worms are replaced by penguins, foxes and other pet projects of free and open source software). There are versions for Linux, * BSD, Mac OS X, Haiku, and Microsoft Windows. Each of the players, control your computer, you have chosen, you must destroy the other, using various weapons. Available to use different types of grenade launchers, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, dynamite, various types of grenades, mines, missiles SuperTux, rabid antelope, etc., as well as baseball bats and suicide. There are also several non-lethal weapons to help you move around the map, teleporters and rockets, balloons, etc.

AppME : Create your own website's DIY symbian widget (for s60v5 and s^4)

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I found an article at about AppMe , its a widget making web application. The fact that AAS mention its so easy to create a widget with appme makes me want to try it with this blog.

And so i head on to

What you need to do is just to supply the 1) widget name, 2) URL of the website and 3) select an icon or create your own and give it to AppMe. After that your widget will be created and is ready for download.

Nokia X2-01 review

We featured a promotional video before about Nokia X2-01.

Now GSMArena made an extensive review about this phone and according to them:
If you do, you’ll be getting an entry-level messenger which is probably worth every penny you paid. A decent screen and an awesome keyboard, social skills and messaging and a music package complete with a 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD card slot. For the right user, the Nokia X2-01 is the perfect package at the perfect price – about 75 euro.
The Nokia X2-01 is bottom of the food chain and proud of it. The right attitude will pay off.

SymTorrent - a bittorrent client for symbian OS, works also on S^3

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SymTorrent is the first and currently only BitTorrent client for Symbian OS. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, is capable of both downloading and uploading and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application. You can also check the status of each file inside a torrent along with several other statistics and properties during download. Torrents can be started from the browser, and selecting the files that are downloaded from multi file torrents is also supported.

I've tested this application on my nokia n8 and it works great. I even used a public wifi hotspot (its a bar by the way) and the speed is superb. You don't have to transfer large files from PC to your mobile phones because you can now download directly to your symbian phones.

View the video below

WiFi Sync 2.0 wireless syncing of iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

New version of the Wi-Fi Sync app for Jailbroken iPhone is out. The new version allows you to sync with iTunes over Bluetooth or 3G connections. Wi-Fi Sync enables wireless syncing with iTunes at the touch of a button. Never go looking for that USB cable again. Sync from the car, bed or shed whenever it suits you. Available now on the Cydia Store for jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You need to download the latest beta(works on Mac for now) and ‘Wi-Fi Sync’ app from Cydia. - daily iphone blog

Wi-Fi Sync

Via Daily Iphone Blog

Samsung Galaxy Mini at P10,690

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3.14" 230 x 240
600mhz processor
2gb storage (expandable 32gb memory card)
3mp camera
Bluetooth 2.1
USB 2.0
Android 2.2 Froyo

Get more information about the mini on Samsung's Website

Price update taken from Yugatech

Samsung Galaxy Ace at P16,500

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3.5" display
800mhz processor
2gb storage (expandable 32gb microsd)
5mp camera with LED flash
Swype to type
Android 2.2 Froyo
Bluetooth 2.1

Know more about Galaxy Ace (overview and specs) at Samsung website.

Price update brought to you by

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 at P12,890

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Set to hit store shelves by the first week of March, Samsung Galaxy Fit flaunts a kinda low-res 3.31-inch capacitive touchscreen display, a 5 MegaPixel camera with no flash, microSD card slot, microUSB port and 3.5mm audio jack. It supports Wifi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity options. - techpinas

Visit the link below for more technical specs and details

Nokia bubbles - a fun sleep and action user interface

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Bubbles is a fun and efficient way to take a shortcut to timely or useful things on your phone. Bubbles appears when you press the "Apps" key while your device is in sleep mode (instead of the black screen with clock and unlock button). Simply grab a bubble and drag it to one of the available drop points to initiate the corresponding action.

Currently there are bubbles available for the following actions. See More Info for details.

PR 1.1 or software update 1.1 for S^3 devices is now available for download

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Conversations gives us heads up that the PR 1.1 we all been waiting for is now ready for download. I readily check my ovi suite nor the Software update application but sadly, there is no update yet.

The standard, non-customised version of the software is available from today. Country (SIM-free) and operator-specific variants will follow soon. - I guess this is us

Nokia N8 hardcore multitasker 13 apps and 30 apps tested

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MobileFanatics created a video demonstrating the multitasking capabilities of Nokia N8.

13 Apps

iOS 4.2.1 unthetered jailbreak now available for download - windows/linux/mac

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You can now reboot your iOS devices without having to jailbreak again. cheers!
From GreenPois0n

Share Globe's 3g on other wifi devices using MyFi or SuperStick

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Now you can connect up to 5 wifi devices at the same time using a single 3g connection from globe with Globe's MyFi and/or SuperStick.

- Up to 3mbps (that's why they call it powerful)
- 200 free SMS monthly
- But if you want it on Prepaid, it's yours for a one-time payment of only Php4,995.
- Only available on Plan 1299 (this should be 1 month unlimited too)

Why buy an iPad wifi + 3g when you can buy an iPad wifi + MyFi and share the internet to 4 other devices ?

Globe Blackberry love deals - 1 day blackberry sale on Feb 6, 2011 at trinoma

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Celebrate Valentine’s w/ your loved one w/ our lowest ever BlackBerry Plans! Get 2 BB handsets for as low as P2,098 cash out!
bb love deal is all about black berry 9300

Option 1:
Get a blackberry curve 9300 for free on plan 999 , and then get another blackberry curve 9300 for free on plan 499

Option 2:
Get a blackberry bold 9700 for free on plan 1799 , and then get another blackberry curve 9300 for free on plan 499

Option 3:
Get a blackberry torch 9800 for free on plan 3799 , and then get another blackberry curve 9300 for free on plan 499

HTC 7 Mozart exclusive on Smart , one of the first windows phone 7 devices

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Smart is now offering the new HTC 7 (mozart). HTC 7 is one of the first devices that runs on the newest mobile operating system which is Windows Phone 7.

Get it FREE with Unlimited Data at Plan 4000. (see other plans below)
Inclusive of handset, unlimited Mobile Internet, 300 SMS and 400 minutes of free calls to all networks

Smart's twitter SMS , P1/tweet, P5/20 tweets, P20/120 tweets

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For only P5/day, users can receive upto (30 tweets) from people they follow, valid for 2 days. P20 is charged to the user to receive (120 tweets) from people they follow, valid for 3 days .

Globe's newest powersurf 15 , 1 hour consumable mobile internet for 15 pesos

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With POWERSURF15, Globe makes internet surfing even more affordable. For as low as 15 pesos, you can now surf for a total of 1 hour consumable by the minute, all within 1 day.

just text POWERSURF to 8888

P30 for 180 min
text PowerSurf30 to 8888

P50 for 300 mins (3 day expiry)
text PowerSurf50 to 8888

I gotta say, this is a personal favorite.

PR 1.1 (firmware 13.0.16) now available for the Nokia C7

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C7 owners, fire up your software updater or your c7's software update application and download a 6.8mb update over the air.

We dont have a word yet on what enhancements came with this update, we cant find a document online either so you have to discover it yourself for now.

We recommend that you use wifi connection.

 The same update is expected to follow to other S^3 (n8, c6-01) devices soon.

Head on to allaboutysmbian for more details.

Nokia E7 promotional video

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Nokia have released a promotional video that features the Nokia E7's lead industrial designer, Shunjiro Eguchi, explaining the inspiration behind the device's design: 'making the complex simple'. It explains some of the thinking behind the keyboard, the mechanics and physical properties of the new high end Symbian^3 device. There's also a behind the scenes look at the E7's factory production line, concept sketches and more.

The Nokia E7 is expected to start shipping "very soon". The device recently became available for pre-order in Nokia Finland's online store with an availability date of February 2011. -

Read more from All About Symbian

Globe's Mobile tweet twitter services , P1 per text, P20 unli 1 day

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To start using Twitter Mobile, you must first register by texting:
TWEET REG <Twitter ID> <Password> to 2363 for FREE
Upon registration, you can now avail of the following services:

Send a tweet by texting:
TWEET <Message> to 2363 (P1/txt)

Send a direct message by texting:
D <Twitter ID> <Message> to 2363 (P1/txt)

Get the last 150 tweets in your feed via MMS by texting:
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New firmware update for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and X8 family [update]

Fire up your pc-companions or over-the-air updater and get the following changes

Addition of some bi-directional languages (Arabic, Farsi, Thai and Hebrew) – All products.
Pinch/zoom touch for mobile Internet and Google Maps. – Only Xperia X10.
An overview of what to expect from the Pinch Zoom support for Xperia X10. Besides the highlights above you can find some other nice improvements, some of these can be market and operator dependant though:

Moxier in an updated version (2.7.13) that includes a great overview widget for e-mail, calendar and tasks.
Moxier e-mail shown in Timescape.
Possibilities of trimming videos in the phone.
Videos are transcoded to fit into MMS-messages even if they were recorded in high quality.
Minor changes to Mediascape with access to “Now Playing” in the top right corner.

Share Wifi from iPhone or iPad 3g using MyWi

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MyWi has already been present for few years already. As you can see its now in version 4. Along with a host of additional features, version 4 also comes with stability improvements (cause the previous versions negative feedback we're almost all about stability concerns).

Create an iPhone® WiFi HotSpot or iPad® WiFi HotSpot with a press of a finger! Wherever you are - you can connect your laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone®/iPad® easily to use your iPhone/iPad's data connection. MyWi™ 4.0 has been rebuilt from scratch to bring iPhone WiFi tethering support to iOS 4! Will work with all jailbroken iPhones (including 2G/3G/3GS/4) and iPad on 3.1.2 or later.

App Stop - close all applications for S^3 and S60v5

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Use App Stop to close all running applications instantly on the Nokia N8 / C7 / 5800 / N97. App Stop also shuts down all hidden background tasks that are not visible in the built-in task switcher. Add App Stop to your home screen to shut down all applications with two presses of a button.

Download links at

Android 3.0 on Motorola Xoom , a serious iPad competitor

You can tell that the Motorola Xoom tablets running Android 3.0 are fast just from demo videos, but it's not until you actually use them that it's clear that these are responsive and usable enough to compete with the iPad. It really does feel like a tablet designed for people who prefer Android to iOS.

Android 3.0 on Motorola's Xoom tablet

Even though Google won't talk about how Android 3.0 Honeycomb will be on Android phones, or whether or not it's coming at all, it's a pretty huge step for Android tablets. Those of you who are looking forward to the iPad 2 might want to check out the Motorola Xoom as well.

Access your corporate email even on the go with Nokia Mail for Exchange

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Nokia’s Mail for Exchange solution is available on the Nokia E5 model. To fully benefit from this solution, 
Nokia and Globe Business offer affordable mobile data plans that provide smartphone users 160mb of mobile browsing for only P399 per month or unlimited mobile browsing for only P999 per month.

get the application from the

View the press release below

Samsung Galaxy S2 set for unveling 2nd week of February on MWC 2011

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Samsung has confirmed that it will be announcing the next generation of the Galaxy S line of smart phones.

Just to give you an idea, here are the rumored/leaked specs of S2:
4.3" super amoled display (1280 x 720 px resolution)
1ghz dual core CPU
1gb RAM
4gb ROM
32gb storage
8mp camera that can record 1080p video
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Wifi, A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 3g
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, proximity and ambient light sensor

Nokia X2-01 promotional video

Mr. Ronald shares us a video of the newest nokia handset that is available here in our country, the Nokia X2-01.

X2-01 is a stylish qwerty phone powered by s40 os.
It has 2.4 inches of display
640 x 480 pixel camera
No 3g and wifi
Stereo FM
Music Player

Asus Eee PC 1015PEM now available in the country with 13 hours of battery life

Eee PC 1015PEM
Eee PC™ provides you up to 14 hours* of battery life for all-day computing. ASUS' exclusive Super Hybrid Engine Techonology allows you to optimize your system performance and battery life through a simple selection menu(3 Modes: Super Performance, High Performance, Power-saving
  • Go anywhere in style with Eee PC™ 1015PEM Seashell
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Starter
  • Elegantly Beautiful Seashell-inspired Design
  • Enjoy long-day-computing with 13 hours* battery life
  • Easy Mobile Connectivity with built-in 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0
  • USB3.0** enables to transfer data at speeds up to 10 times*** faster than USB2.0
  • Complimentary 500GB ASUS WebStorage****
  • Comfortable using experience with extremely large touch pad and ergonomically Chiclet Keyboard

An apple iPad review - Pros and Cons of having one

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This blog post from and indian guy can really help you on deciding whether to buy or not an iPad.

I had used it in the past, a few days at a time but its only when you use it consistently that you truly appreciate the strengths and weaknesses.

HDR Photo Camera application for S^3 reviewed , does not impress

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Despite having been around as a photographic technique for years, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos shot into mobile geek consciousness last year when Apple added HDR creation to the camera software on the iPhone 4. HDR Photo Camera is a Qt application for Symbian^3 handsets that aims to give similar HDR photo creation capability. The trouble is that, despite the best intentions, this application tries to do everything in software and ends up being a victim of its own limitations.

Read more on 

TwimGo a free and new Twitter App

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If you’re a Twitter user, there are a several twitter apps available to you in Ovi Store. The newest addition to date is called TwimGo by developer Tommi Laukkanen. Initially, this free app was released for use on the Maemo 5 platform (Nokia N900), and now it is making a name for itself with Nokia’s new Symbian devices. We’ll be reviewing version 2 today, and will make some mention of an exciting Qt QML V2.5 coming soon.